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THIS WEBSITE WAS was previously I have now transferred it under my own pen name.

Welcome to Poems and Verses, for All Occasions which brings you Printable Card Verses and messages for your FREE non commercial use. This will help you say nice things inside a greetings card, gift tag, scrapbook, text message, speech, eulogy and any other occasion when you need words. 

Through life we have many occasions to send a greeting card

Choosing the card is the easy part what to write in it is the hard

Within this site you will find many ideas and examples of what to say
And by adding your own names it makes it really easy by the way

If we have a happy event to celebrate words are not so hard
But it is not so easy on a wreath or sympathy card
Sometimes things are better said in a humorous way
And at others a more traditional line is the call of the day

So I hope I can make card sending easier for you
And you find the right verse for whatever you need to do
Thank you for visiting I hope you like what you saw
Please visit again because I continue to add more

By Margmax

A little about me
All my life I have written poems, verses and quotes for cards and gifts but it was only when I started to make my own cards that I realized the benefit of being able to produce my own verses for my cards. I have often been asked to write personalized poems and I have done so for many years. Recently I became aware that my efforts were lost once I had given the card or poem hence this website as I feel that I can reach and hopefully help more people to express their feelings in verse making them original and personal to the recipient.

Everything written in this site is my own production I do not take verses poems or quotes written by others so if you wish well known verses and poems you will not find them here but you may find the sentiments expressed my way and if you like my style I hope you will continue to look in and add my site to your list of favourites.

All poems are free for non commercial use but kindly quote my name/website when using. If you are a web designer  company or charity please seek permission.

poems and verses free for you
poems and verses are what I do