Verses & Poems by Margmax

Funny Birthday poems/verses are designed for greeting cards and gift tags and will enable you to send you birthday wishes in a cheeky original way. These verses can be adapted by substituting friend for husband etc. and much more.

Birthdays come all the time
Sometimes we don’t want them sometimes it’s fine
So as your birthday has arrived once again
I am sending you birthday wishes although it’s a pain

by Margmax 2012 

Another birthday oh dear me                         Your clocking them up as we all can see                 You will be drawing that pension before very long      But think of it this way work will soon be gone

by Margmax 

Here we go it’s arrived again
Another year older what a pain
But give thanks and take cheer
Another year on and you are still here

Happy Birthday you old thing

by Margmax 

Let's Celebrate 

Hey it's your birthday so ..
Lets pop the corks, get out the chocs 
Make the day really rock

Let's get dolled up
Strut our stuff
Don't think about tomorrow feeling rough

Let's stay up late
We'll make it a date
Let's invite all of our mates

We can start the day soon
Have cocktails at noon
And stay out until the sun turns into the moon

For many years we did all of these things
But now see what getting older brings
Spouse, kids, overdraft, I can hear you sing

Oh well Happy Birthday anyway

by Margmax 2012 

Funny Birthday Poems because especially as we get older funny birthday poems is what we send to folk

How old are you today?
Not being nosey just frightened I've missed that special birthday
The one you have then you give up work
I am not suggesting you are a shirk
I mean the one you reach when the state pays you
It's called a state pension and it must be due

by Margmax 

Funny Birthday Poems because we all like to send Funny Birthday Poems 

You have stopped having birthday parties I hear
Past the time when you spend the night swigging beer
You now spend your birthday having a nice meal
Age has caught you or has the wife done a deal

by Margmax 

What shall I write in a birthday card? Funny Birthday Poem of course 

Get on your posh frock we are hitting the town
It's how we spend birthdays so knock off that frown
Get out the hairspray, mascara and lippy
It's your birthday so no sitting around being hippy
We will do what we always do at these times
There is plenty of time before we are ready for auld lang syne

by Margmax 

Funny Birthday poems to give them a birthday smile

I know you like chocolate because you eat it a lot
So as you are on a diet I took the chocolate gifts which you got
No don't thank me that's what friends are for
I will make sure temptation is not there anymore

As you get older it is hard to maintain your weight
You no longer can keep a figure shaped like an eight
But as long as you have a good friend like me
You have someone keeping an eye on the bits you can't see

by Margmax

Now you know I love you a lot
So as your (wife) I must tell you how big you have got
It's getting embarrassing the size you have become
And saying it is contentment has ceased being fun
So my gift to you on this birthday
is a subscription to weight watchers which starts today

by Margmax 

Would you like a birthday treat?
An outing, flowers, wine or some chocolates to eat
Let me know what you decide for me anything is fine
I will leave the decision up to you although I like the sound of wine and dine
But as it is your birthday it is only fair we do what you want to
And because you are paying I will just go along with you

by Margmax 

On your birthday cake you no longer add the candles
I can see the reason as now the cake could not handle
The number required to make up your age
I agree it is safer to omit them as you turn another page

You could make a bigger cake that may do the trick
But then the flames would make smoke very thick
So just play safe forget about the cake
Sum up the energy to do just what it takes

by Margmax 

I am really pleased to wish you a Happy Birthday
It means you are a year older nearer my age by the way
So my friend celebrate with energy and style
Because by tomorrow you will be on your way to the next mile

by Margmax 

When do you stop looking forward to birthdays?
When you reach the one that puts you in old age

by Margmax 

funny birthday poems to raise a chuckle

Today throw that calorie counter out the door
Eat all the foods that you adore
It’s your birthday so you should have treats
So start treating yourself with good things to eat

by Margmax 2011 

The following was written to depict the front of the card which had a cartoon hunky man

I bet you still looked a hunk like this
But never mind today you will still get a kiss 
So Happy Birthday have a great day
Sending love and kisses your way 

by Margmax 2011 

Sending you the image of a bottle or two
Reminding you on your birthday it's what you do
With wishes that your day is as good as it can be
So a very happy birthday from (Jon) and me 

by Margmax 2011 

funny birthday poems because birthdays are supposed to be happy

the following poem for someone who is always trying to diet

Calories today are out the door
You can eat what you fancy and then a bit more
Nothing is fattening today - would I lie?
On birthday's your exempt - tomorrow you can cry

by Margmax 2012 

Birthdays come,
Birthdays go,
That's life as we all know
Quite a few now have gone for you
Indeed you have gone through quite a few
Never mind here's another one to add to the pile
See if you can keep this one for a good while
(or for as long as you can get away with)

by Margmax 2012 

Funny birthday poems give them a laugh

Just Let It Go 

Another year, another wrinkle, a few more aches and pains
Trying to keep them at bay costs a fortune and is all in vain
So embrace your new found freedom from all that beauty stuff
Just but your feet up who cares if you look a bit rough

Get out the chocs and bottle of wine what's another couple of pounds
Who's looking at you now, who cares if you are getting round?
Life is short so grasp your pleasure wherever it may be
I will join you in your new found glee 'cause life's just the same for me
Happy Birthday my friend - enjoy

by Margmax 2012 

Funny Birthday Poems for funny birthday poem people

Happy Birthday you old thing
So what does another birthday bring
Another wrinkle, more aches, varicose veins
Struggling on can't life can be a pain

But hey it's your birthday so lets not be down
Paint on a smile and act the clown
Buy the cakes for your work mates
There's nothing you can do about today's date
Have a good'in

by Margmax 2012 

I wrote the following poem for a birthday to a person who does not care about greeting cards

I've broke the rule and produced a card
However, as you can see I did not try very hard
Just a simple gesture to say ....
We wish you a Very Happy Birthday

by Margmax 2012 

Hang out the flags shout it out loud
Gather the folk until you have a crowd
Celebrate while you still can
Tell every woman and every man

Birthdays when you are as old as you
Should be celebrated with a bit of a do
Invite all the folk that you know 
and anyone else you think will go

Have a party paint the town red
Do it while you can ‘cause you can’t when your dead
Hire a hall fill it to it’s capacity
Party until you can no longer see

Then when the day comes to an end
You will have memories to relate to friends
Have a great day remember as much as you are able
Because it won’t be long until you are unstable

Until then have a Great Birthday

by Margmax 2013 

Blow up the balloons, get the candles lit
Today is your birthday let’s shake it up a bit
Get out the choc’s but the bubbly on ice
Let’s celebrate your day - won’t that be nice
Have a great day .....

by Margmax 2013 

It’s your birthday that time of year
When we send gifts and cards to show we care
Here’s my card to wish you a happy day
Although I know you don’t need reminding of the years whizzing away

Have a blast, let your hair down
Wear a smile and not a frown
Do the things you like to do 
Just make sure the day is all about you

Celebrate with a little drink
Maybe a meal out - what do you think
Leave the calories behind for today
One day splurge will be OK

A shopping spree maybe good for you
It’s the kind of thing that ladies do
A new outfit for the year ahead
Dress up girl - knock them dead

So now we have your birthday planned
The year ahead is looking kind of grand
So do you feel better about adding another one? 
You may as well say yes because another one has gone

by Margmax 2013 

Birthdays become less fun the older we become
It’s life, it’s what happen’s since life begun
So don’t waste time fretting at the number you’ve landed on
Just celebrate while you can shout Bingo at each one

by Margmax 2013 

The following poem is not meant to be disrespectful but more of a light hearted view of getting old - so please use it discreetly

Where Did My Friends Go

I had many friends a while ago
But somehow the number is now a bit low
It seems as you get older you mislay lots of things
So friends must be included in what old age brings

I try to make new friends to increase the flow
But no matter how I try the number is low
Each time I lose one of my dear friends
It feels like another part of my life has come to an end

But I have a solution I think will become popular
The new friends I make will be a lot younger
I am trying this out but I have not had much luck
Because young folk don't want a friend who is ------ !(unable to keep up with them)

by Margmax 2012