Verses & Poems by Margmax

Grand daughter poems (grandaughter) and verses are an excellent way of sending to that special person unique poems and verses and are ideal for greeting cards and gift tags. 

From the day I first set eyes on you
I knew a new love in my life
My darling little grand daughter
the joys you have brought overweigh
any strife
So on your birthday as always I am sending you
A million hugs and kisses as I always do
by Margmax 2012 

Grand daughter Poems 

Happy Birthday to our little star
With lots of love from Grandpa and Grandma
We hope you have a perfect day
And all nice things come your way

by Margmax 

Grand daughter Poems for your little star - make them feel as special as they are 

Twinkle Twinkle little star
Look down on our little girl from afar
Shine your light to make her day twinkle so bright
Our beautiful grand daughter our shining light

by Margmax 

Sugar icing thick and pink
Balloons and birthday candles to I think
It's someone's birthday in this house today
That means gifts and cards and games to play

So we must make a special visit
There is no way that we would miss it
Our darling grand daughter's (5th) birthday
(Gran) and (Grandpa) will be there to join the play

by Margmax 

Today on your birthday Peppa Pig wants to say
She has asked Grandma/grandpa to wish you a wonderful day
So our darling little girl we hope you have lots of fun
From the moment you wake until the whole day is done

by Margmax 2013 

Our little girl is growing up we see
No longer at her grandparents knee
We have become redundant in the childminding phase
Now it's makeup and clothes and the present craze

But she is not too big for us to say
Happy Birthday darling have a wonderful day

by Margmax 

Happy Birthday darling girl
We hope your day has you in a whirl
We hope it is wonderful from beginning to end
These are the wishes we truly send

You know you mean the world to us
So it is not hard every year for us to fuss
Grand daughter dear we are so proud of you
Have a fantastic day enjoy all that you do

by Margmax 

You have always meant the world to us my Evah it is plain to see
Your grandmother loved you so so much just the same as me
I know that every minute your grandmother spent with you
She treasured so very dearly just as your Poppy does to

My sweet lovely granddaughter I love you more than words can say
it would be so wonderful if you did not live so very far away
But love does not know distance love is there deep in the heart
My darling lovely grandchild nothing could keep this love apart

by Margmax 
(by request)

I have sprinkled some fairy dust in this card for your birthday
Asking the fairies to make it a very special all the way
So when you open it I am sure you will find
That the day sends magic of a very special kind

by Margmax 2012 

Grand daughter poems written so that you can show how much they mean as they grow 

Grandchildren are Special

Grandchildren are special they are the future you see
So watching you grow has been very special to me
I have laughed at the good times and cried at the bad
I have felt all the emotions happy and sad

The child of my child how special is this
It is a joy I am so glad I did not miss
Every birthday you have had has been special to me
Because you are so special I love you you see

Have a wonderful (18th) Birthday Grand(daughter/son) 

by Margmax 2013 

To have you in my life is a joy
beyond compare
My darling girl what fun we 
Time spent with you is something
I treasure
My love for you, my grandchild, 
I cannot measure

So today as you reach a milestone
I wish to take this opportunity to say
May life be good and kind to you
and bless you in all you chose to do

by Margmax 2015