Verses & Poems by Margmax

Friend Birthday Poems and verses show your friends how much you care are ideal for use in handmade or blank cards and gift cards. They are free for non commercial use. Please keep visiting as more will continue to be added as I write them continuously for all my friend's birthdays.

Friends are so important throughout life
since I met you my life has added light
You are so special in all that you do
So here is a special wish for a birthday as wonderful as you 

by Margmax 2012 

Friend Birthday Poems

Friendship should be treasured and given love and care
Our friendship is special and so many things we share
To have you in my life is such a massive plus
Always there for me a friend that I can trust
I hope today your birthday is as wonderful as you
And that your day is perfect for everything you do

by Margmax 2010 

friend birthday poems because they are important

Friends come but do not always stay
That's life - it's meant to be that way
But our friendship is like glue
Your there for me and I'm there for you
So today my friend I wish for you
A wonderful birthday - enjoy it whatever you do

by Margmax 2010

friend birthday poems we all need our friends

Happy Birthday my dear friend
I hope your day is great from beginning to end
As great as the friendship I share with you
That means it should be perfect whatever you do

by Margmax 2010

Friend Birthday Poems for your special friends

Mary, my mate, my pal
You really are a wonderful gal
A friend who is there no matter what
Always sharing what you have got
But today it's all about you so have a blast
Enjoy your birthday as long as it lasts

by Margmax 2010 

We two have been friends for a longtime
We have stuck together through rain and shine
Some friendships are not meant to last
But ours has - it's stuck fast
I am very glad that it has been so
Our friendship just grows and grows
So on this very special day
My friend I wish you a wonderful birthday

by Margmax 2010 

Friend birthday poems for that special touch

Today is your birthday so I want to say
You are a wonderful friend in every way
Friends like you are such a treasure
There is no way our friendship can be measured
So my beautiful, wonderful friend 
I wish you a day that is fantastic from beginning to end

by Margmax 2010 

Friend Birthday Poems tell your friend how much they mean in your life

Birthdays are a chance to say
How much your thought of everyday
You are a special friend that I adore
And I would like to say once more
I love you loads, you are a wonderful friend
Have a good birthday from beginning to end

by Margmax 2010 

When I first met you I knew I had found
A friend for life, a person so sound
When I am sad you are by my side
When I have troubles from you I cannot hide
You cheer me up and say the right things
You always know what to bring
To put the smile back on my face
As a friend you are my lucky Ace
Have a wonderful birthday whatever you do
No-one could have a better friend than you

by Margmax 2010

You are a very special person that I am pleased to know
I know that as the years go by our friendship just continues to grow
So today on your special day I am really proud to say
This is my best friend, a special person and today is her birthday

by Margmax 2011

Birthdays come and birthdays go

and as we get older we don't want to know

but my friend, your birthday gives me the opportunity to say

 you're special to me every one of those days

when I met you, I knew I had a friend for life

and not, just for a few days and nights

by Margmax 2010 

From the day I met you, I knew that you would be

a very dear friend, who is always there for me

people come in and out of life, few are there forever

but the bond we formed, I knew would not be severed

so today gives me the chance to say

Happy Birthday my dear friend, have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2010 

Suzy my friend, you're so special to me

a wonderful person, who I love to see

you're kind and thoughtful, a great gal

no one could wish for a better pal

today gives me a chance to say

Happy Birthday my friend, have a wonderful day

by Margmax 2010 

Sixty Six clickity click
Years flying by makes you feel sick
Time definitely goes faster the older you get
When we are young time is not a problem and yet
Time catches up with all of us in the end
So ignore the number and have a great birthday my friend

by Margmax 2011 

True friends are there even though we may not see
So Happy Birthday my friend with lots of love to you from me

by Margmax 2011 

Friend birthday poems make their birthday special

I don't just think about you on your birthday
I think about you often in lots of different ways
Life is busy and sometimes it is hard to find the time 
But friends don't disappear, not friends like mine
So on this day that is special especially for you
I wish you, my friend, a beautiful day which lasts the whole year through

by Margmax 2011 

We have been friends for such a long time that today I am pleased to have the opportunity to say
My OLD friend I wish you a very happy birthday and send wishes for happiness every single day
We may not meet so often family life takes over all our time
But we still have a friendship that we know is just fine

by Margmax 2012 

friend birthday poems special words for special people

The following was written for a friend who in his youth was in a band playing guitar on the front were the words "rock on" hence the poem but you can adjust the opening words

Rocking on is not so easy these days
But we know you will enjoy the day in more peaceful ways
Sending this card to wish you Happy Birthday my friend
And wishing you a wonderful day from beginning to end

by Margmax 2012

The following was written for two friends birthdays and inspired by the fact that a crowd of friends meet once a month for "ladies who lunch"

As we get together on our appointed ladies day
It has become special I think we all would say
But today is very special because it’s all about you
And I want to say dear friend no matter what you do

by Margmax 2012 

We don't have to often speak
We don't have to often meet
Friendship that is true and sweet
Just requires a little tweet
and this tweet is to wish you a Wonderful Birthday

by Margmax 2012 

Friends are very important as age makes us aware
So it is very necessary to tell your friends you care
Birthdays give us this opportunity to send our wishes to...
Our friends who are so dear so friend - a wonderful birthday is wished for you

by Margmax 2013 

Wrote the following for a friend's birthday who spends most of her retirement babysitting her growing number of grandchildren

It seems you have a new job these days
Leisure time is spent in childish ways
Let’s hope production has now come to an end
So “me time” returns to you my friend

Happy Birthday Rosemary

by Margmax 2013 

I have known you now for over fifty years
goodness me
Can you believe we are so old is it plain
for folk to see?
I hope we spend many more years sending
each other greetings
Intercepted with occasional chance meetings

So as your birthday has arrived once more
I am sending wishes for a wonderful day
and then a bit more
Don your best frock and raid the housekeeping
Eat and drink until you are just steaming

by Margmax 2014 

Where have all the years gone
they have disappeared so fast
This scene captures it so well
we could audition as one of the cast

But my friend I am delighted to
wish you on this special day
The most wonderful of birthdays
maybe recapture some of the ones 
spent in our heyday

by Margmax 2017