Verses & Poems by Margmax

Special Person birthday poems and verses are designed for that special friend in your life. Sometimes friend verses are just not enough to express your feelings so why not use one of these poems in your greeting card or gift tag.

 You are a very special person who has a special place in my heart                                                                                    I know we will be friends until we are forced to part             It is so nice to have someone in my life like you              and I hope that you feel the same way to 

by Margmax 2012                                                   

Your a very special person who I am glad to know 
So today on your birthday I would really like to show
How much your friendship means to me I hope it’s plain to see
You are a very important person who is very dear to me
So have a lovely birthday enjoy whatever you do
My wish is for it to be perfect my friend as perfect as you

by Margmax 2011 

Through our life we meet many folk
Some are special some are just a joke
I knew on the day I met you 
You were special because of the things you do

So today on this your special day
I want you to know how special you are in every way
When I need a friend there you are
Whatever the problem you are my shining star

So my dearest wonderful friend
Have a wonderful birthday from beginning to end
No one deserves these words more than you
So make this day special no matter what you do

by Margmax 2011 

I want to take the opportunity especially today
To tell you how special you are to me in so many ways
No one could have a better friend by far
You are such a good person my own shining star

I am sending lots of hugs and kisses in this card
I hope you can feel them so try very hard
My biggest wish is that you have a perfect day
And the best ever birthday in every single way

by Margmax 2011 

In this card is a great big wish aimed directly at you
For a wonderful birthday spent just as you want it to
You are such a special person you deserve the very best
So just put your feet up and have a little rest

You are the best friend a girl could wish for
Always there supporting no one could do more
So my bezzie mate have a great day
You really deserve it in every single way

by Margmax 2011 

I love you my friend I want you to know
We have a friendship that just continues to grow
So I will keep watering it and nurturing it as we grow old
Because people who are special should be treasured like gold

by Margmax 2011 

Birthday wishes winging your way
Saying have a wonderful birthday
Hoping it is special just like you
Enjoy the day whatever you do

by Margmax 2011