Verses & Poems by Margmax
Welcome to Birthday Poems which brings you material in the form of free printable short cute poems, verses suitable for wishing someone a happy birthday on a greetings card or gift card. These are free for non commercial use

Happy Birthday hope you enjoy it in everyway

and at the end of the day

I hope you can say

This day has been a great birthday

by Margmax

Remembering you on your special day

Sending wishes your way

For a day that outshines the rest

So your birthday is one of the best

by Margmax

Have a day that is simply the best

A birthday that outshines the rest

All your worries and stresses fade away

Because today is your birthday

by Margmax

People should know this is your day

Yippidy do da enjoy it your way

As they only happen once a year

Have a blast celebrate without a care

by Margmax

Birthdays arrive once a year

and wishes are sent by folk who care

That the year ahead turns out to be

A wonderful time with only good things

to see.

by Margmax

The Postman is sure to call today

Because birthday wishes will be on their way

So here is mine for a day that is simply the best

One you remember outshining all the rest

by Margmax

Blow the horns and ring the bells

Let is echo around hills and fells

Birthday wishes are yours to be had

It’s your day so be happy not sad

by Margmax

Birthday wishes to you today

Hope everything goes you way

Wishing success in all you do

For a future bright and sparkling

just like you.

by Margmax

A little bit of magic I’m sending you today

For wishes that your birthday is perfect all the way

You are a lovely person of whom I’m proud to say

This is my lovely (friend,daughter etc) who’s 

wonderful in everyway.

by Margmax

Today is your birthday whahoo

Today is going to be all about you

So let’s start from the moment you wake

Indeed I may even bake a cake.

As you blow out your candles be sure to make

a wish

It’s the one day a year when you can do this

Pop the cork on that bottle of wine

and make a toast for the year ahead to be divine.

by Margmax

A birthday change a present to eat

So I hope you enjoy this little treat

Hope it goes down really well

and your birthday turns out really swell.

by Margmax

This card and gift is sent to you

To wish you a happy birthday and luck for

the future to

I hope in the future he sun shines bright

All your hopes and dreams arrive and make

it right.

by Margmax

Happy Birthday, Happy BIrthday, Happy Birthday to you

Have a wonderful day whatever you do

Hope you get lots of new things to play

and that it is a perfect day.

by Margmax

For someone fond of a drink.

Birthday boy wishing you an enjoyable day

and to help achieve it here’s the goods to do

it your way

Overdulging is not new to you

But today you have a better excuse than you

usually do.

by Margmax

Wishing you a wonderful day

Hope it’s fantastic in everyway

So happy birthday (friend/cousin etc) of mine

To help it along here’s a bottle of wine.

by Margmax

Remembered it’s the time of year to send you

birthday wishes

So here it’s sent with lots of love and kisses.

by Margmax

For a gift voucher/present

Thought this birthday gift would stretch a lot more

If I made it for he most popular store.

by Margmax

Buying a gift would bot be practical

So we thought a bit tactical

This gift can be carried without any fuss

and comes with love and Happy Birthday from

the two of us.

by Margmax

These birthdays come around far too fast

But hope it’s a good one and you have a blast.

by Margmax

Hope your birthday is one to remember

for all the best reasons.

by Margmax

Wishing you a wonderful day

Hope it’s a good one all the way.

by Margmax

Oh 49 today I hear

Brings the big 50 very near

I think the 50’s is a fine decade

So embrace the 50’s as the 40’s fade

by Margmax

Note! you can change the age’s in this poem and for

more age poems please visit page of “Age birthday poems”

Happy birthday dear (friend/pal etc) of mine

I hope your day is extra fine

Love and wishes are sent your way

for a very special day.

by Margmax

Birthdays come and birthdays go

But today I just wanted you to know

It is a pleasure to wish you everytime

A birthday full of wishes maturing like fine wine.

by Margmax

For someone who as been ill.

A little bit of magic I am sending you today

With wishes that good health will be with you

all the way

I hope all your problems are now in the past

So a very happy birthday my magic now is cast.

by Margmax

Next 2 -Refers to the image on the card

This image reminds me of you 

The young girl that I first knew

So have a birthday that (swings) my friend

and try to keep it going from beginning to end.

by Margmax

Did this ever resemble you?

It’s the things in youth you would do

If not then it’s simply to say

May your birthday be a (tuneful) day.

by Margmax

No doubt a holiday in the sun is not far away

So here is a sunshine card to set the mood birthday.

by Margmax

Here it is birthday time once more

They seem to come around more often

than before

But it does give me the opportunity to say

A very happy birthday have a wonderful day

by Margmax

A little something sweet reminds me of you

Take time to make your birthday something special to.

by Margmax

Hope your birthday is sparkling and bright

From early morning until late at night

Sending wishes that this is so

So enjoy your day from the word “go”.

by Margmax

Sending you wishes for a great day

Hope it’s enjoyable in everyway

And as you add another year onto your age

Hope it’s a good year as each day turns it’s page.

by Margmax

Sending you a special star

Hoping it shines on you from afar

For a birthday that is really bright

and a future that is better than alright.

by Margmax

Birthday wishes oh so sweet

A birthday cake that is good to eat

With wishes for a wonderful day

and a year ahead perfect in everyway.

by Margmax

For January birthday

Christmas is over and now it’s your birthday time

We wish you a birthday that is simply just fine

Indulge awhile longer in the chocs and the drink

In February you can have a re think.

by Margmax

Another birthday another year

So here’s a card to show I care

With wishes for a day that is as good as can be

Because it’s your birthday you see.

by Margmax

I am sending this card because it’s your birthday

So ease up on the working tasks and find a little

time to play

Lots of wishes for a birthday as nice as you

and hoping you enjoy your day whatever you do.

by Margmax

Birthday wishes winging your way

Saying have a wonderful day

Hoping it is special just like you

Enjoy the day whatever you do.

by Margmax

I tried very hard

Before I wrote this card

To think of something witty to say

To wish you a happy birthday

As you can see nothing came into my head

No amusing, witty comment - but 

Happy Birthday is truly said.

by Margmax

Birthdays come every year

So once a year we show how much we care

We really should make an effort I know

To do more than a yearly show.

So I have made myself a bookmark

To do more than this yearly lark

So if I should fall flat on this task

Tell me off my friend is what I ask.

by Margmax

Someone made redundant and looking for employment

Hope this birthday brings to you

A job and success in all you do

With wishes for a day that’s as happy as can be

followed by a year that is just hunky dory.

by Margmax

Birthdays are special and your special to

We wish you a birthday that’s as special as you.

by Margmax

Sorry I am not around to help your celebrate today

But I am sending wishes your way

For a birthday that turns out to be

The best day that you ever did see.

by Margmax

For someone doing a degree whilst arranging her wedding

You have had a busy year it’s true

But today on your birthday it’s all about you

So put aside all the work and take a break

So that the day is perfection from the moment you wake

by Margmax

Next one for sports fans

Sending you wishes for a perfect day

Spending it in your special way

Hoping your team does not let the side down

So that you are wearing a smile not a frown

by Margmax

Birthdays come and birthdays go

That’s life as we all know

But it’s nice to just remember to say

I have not forgot your birthday

Have a great one.

by Margmax

The following for a card picture of shoes


Shoes - every woman’s thing

What is the attraction that shoes can bring?

It’s a mystery to men and probably to woman to

but a new pair of shoes can bring happiness it’s true

So as it’s your birthday be sure you get

A new pair of shoes then you will be set

To have a day as good as can be 

So here you are Happy Birthday from me

by Margmax


Handbags are a girl’s best friend

They are pretty and hold all your odds and ends

They come in a variety of colours and size

Cheap ones and designer models to prize

Choose one to match your outfit or shoes

Match it well and then you can’t lose

Copies of designer handbags celebrities show

Well from a distance who would know

So on your birthday I decided to send to you

A card full of handbags ...well actually just a few

To wish you a birthday that would do a celebrity proud

Because you are a lady who stands out from the crowd

by Margmax


Makeup is wonderful - is it not?

It enhances and covers the odd spot

So slap on the makeup put on the bling

It’s a special day you deserve a fling

When the party is over and it’s time for bed

Don’t forget to remove the makeup even if

you have a bad head

Your skin will thank you in the years to come

It’s important as protecting your skin from the sun

by Margmax


Setting the mood for the time of year

When you cast off every sort of care

and spend a week in the sun

Wishing you a happy birthday and holiday fun

by Margmax

What do you have when your birthday is here?

Why birthday cake of course with a cup of cheer

So here is the cake and the tea

Birthday wishes to you from me.

by Margmax

Bags and Shoes

Bags and shoes some of a girl’s favourite things

Hopefully more of these a birthday brings

So here is a pair to start your day

with birthday wishes winging your way

by Margmax

Sports/footy fans

Birthday time is called for you

Enjoy the day whatever you do

Hope it scores as one of the best

Sending birthday wishes to add to the rest

by Margmax

Birthday time is called for you

Enjoy the day whatever you do

Hope the day scores as a special one

From the moment it starts until it’s gone

by Margmax

It’s your birthday once more

but I am sure you know

and like it or not it’s here again so..

Birthday wishes are within this card 

for a fabulous day

Wishing you sunshine, gifts, rockets, stars

and whatever else good to come your way

by Margmax

For a gardener

This garden reminds me of days of old

Allotments were popular you could not get one for gold

A garden shed was always seen in each one

Alas! now most seem to have gone.

But (Ken) you have a modern day equivalent of this

Sleek and garage like and made out of brick

No car graces your little abode

Oh no it’s your modern day garden shed like days

of old

by Margmax

Birthdays are great things to have when you are young

Yes then you are delighted to have Happy Birthday sung

But as you clock the number high

You tend to dread them coming by

So today is your turn or a digit more

Like it or not one more added to the score

But it gives me the chance to send to you

Love and best wishes for the day whatever you do

by Margmax

A little bit of magic to help you out today

As it is your birthday the chores can wait another day

Spoil yourself and indulge in what you want to do

Because today is special and it’s all about you.

by Margmax

Another birthday my oh my

How those years are flying by

Cannot believe how old we have become

and now another year has begun

I try to remember when I lost the will

to party through the night 

Now Pj’s and TV are my delight

Holidays once the highlight of my year

Now do not excite me indeed I simply don’t care

I prefer my own fireside, bed and familiar things

Indeed I now get panicky when a trip begins

I suppose this is good in a way

Because a pension does not stretch to holiday pay

So now I have depressed us with this little ditty

How do I make you birthday pretty?

You may take comfort in a way

Because you cannot be miserable on your birthday

by Margmax

Computer mad

Our computer whizz kid that’s what you are

I am sure you will grow up to be a techie star

by Margmax

For the drinker

You are a bit of a wine expert - are you not?

Well you do get through - ahem quite a lot

So it just had to be on your birthday card

Because we know you practice drinking wine quite hard

So happy birthday enjoy your birthday glass

and we wish you a birthday that is simply first class

by Margmax

What to put on a birthday card

For a guy who looks on them in disregard

You cannot go wrong with a pint or two

So cheers and happy birthday to you.

by Margmax

Whoosh - another birthday is here

So here we are to wish you birthday cheer

We wish you a day full of good things coming

your way

on this your Very Happy Birthday

by Margmax

A little greeting just to say

We hope you have a lovely day

From the moment the sun lifts it’s head

Until it disappears and it’s time for bed

by Margmax


Hats are decorative and protective it’s true

They shelter you whatever you do

In the sun or the rain they cover your head

I think some people even wear them in bed

Weddings will see them paraded with flair

Those appendages are chosen with much care

But once the event is over and done

The poor hat never again sees the sun

But as today is your special day

Here is a wonderful hat to wish you happy Birthday.

by Margmax

Pamper days are great - are they not?

Sometimes you need one to hit the spot

No better day to pick a one 

then when it's your birthday

So don't wait until it's gone

by Margmax