Verses & Poems by Margmax

Retirement Poems and verses for cards and speeches. Need help with what to say when wishing your friend/colleague a happy retirement take a look here for inspiration. All these verse are free for non commercial use. 

Throw out the alarm put your work clothes in the bin
You have done your stint now it’s time for relaxing
You can do all the things you did not have time for
The days are now all yours the don’t belong to employers anymore
by Margmax 2012 

You have reached the point when you can hang up your hat
You can put away the tools of work and swap them for a Cat!
No more alarm clocks or getting up when it's dark
You can stay in bed until lunchtime and take walks in the park
You can go out for lunch that lasts all afternoon
Unlike lunch breaks at work which are over all too soon
You can go on holidays without permission for annual leave
In fact you can have more holidays than you actually need
You can go shopping in the middle of the week
Avoiding all the crowds but catching all the bargains you can seek
But if you get bored with all these things that you can do
You could always find a little job indeed we will volunteer you

by Margmax 2011 

The following retirement poem is suitable for a speech rather than a card

When someone retires it's a bit mixed with feelings because on one hand it's sad that they have completed their career and no longer contribute to a workforce and now are labelled "pensioner".
On the other hand they have given the majority of their life contributing to the economy and earned the right to take thing easy and spend time pursuing their hobbies and interests.
(Fred) has reached this crossroad moving into the era of "pensioner" and I hope he embraces this phrase of his life taking up the opportunities now open to him. at this point the interests of the retiree can be mentioned e.g. hobbies, travel interests 
So please join me today in thanking Fred for all his contributions he will be missed by all his colleagues and we all wish you well Fred in your retirement. 

by Margmax 2011

Retirement poems to mark the closing of employemnt 

You have put in a long shift (99) years I am told
That is a very long time no wonder you are so old
You have earned your retirement, there is no doubt of that
What will you do now - sit about and get fat
Maybe you will be a modern pensioner
And take long vacations - always flying here and there
Whatever your retirement holds we all wish you the best
Because you deserve it you have earned a welcome rest

by Margmax 2011

retirement poems for that day when you plan things other than work 

The day has arrived it has came so fast
That you are retirement age we are quite aghast
You will be sorely missed that is very clear
Some people here will be shedding a tear
Some others may be shouting for joy
To see the back of you old boy

So from all of us your working mates
It matters not if you rise late
To buy you a present of a clock would be a crime
As your life will no longer be ruled by time

by Margmax 2010 

Teachers Retirement

So you're hanging up your gown and hat
No more nine till four and all of that
Can you cope with having no classroom strife?
What are you going to do for the rest of your life?
Hobbies perhaps is the thing to do
Now you've got time just for you
The place will not be the same
When we no longer hear your name
For someone who worked extremely hard
All our best wishes come with this card
A Very Happy Retirement

by Margmax 2009

Retirement poems help you with farewell speeches and cards wishing well 

And from the Retiree's point :-

Just wanted to say
Thank you for a lovely last day
Thank you to colleagues old and new
Who made the pub a bit of a do

I will miss my life in (name company) I know
But life moves on and it's time to go
I hope to see you all now and then
To see how you are doing and catch up on all the "gen"

by Margmax 2012 

retirement poems from all angles

Looking Forward to Retirement 

When you retire you view things in different ways
Like weekends and bank holidays no longer are important days
You no longer want to go places when other folk do
Because if you go midweek there is a lot more room for you

Weekdays become your favourite - yes they really do
Think about it - I bet you like it when you are off work midweek too
Especially at Christmastime when the whole world goes shopping mad
The shopping malls may like it but they are the only ones who are glad

Holidays you can take anytime you want to
So looking forward to them for months is no longer what you do
Indeed you ponder if you can be bothered to leave the comfort of home
For some unknown destination that could be a danger zone

Evenings, especially in the winter, no longer have outside appeal
Indeed to get you out of home at night is a real big deal
God must of had a plan to make you feel this way
Because on a pension you can’t afford to go out nights as well as through the day

You find that you are babysitting much more than you used to
Because your offspring consider you have nothing else to do
So on the rare occasion when you may have to say no
They are flabbergasted you actually have somewhere to go

You don’t get up so early because you have a whole day to fit things in
But this means you stay up later so you have not gained anything
You put off doing chores because there is always another day
But that other day seems to move further and further away

So you may look forward to retirement seeing work as one big chore
But the routine of a working structure is not to be ignored
I succeeded in just as many ventures when I was a working lass
Because I knew if I wasted time I would not get through all my tasks

by Margmax 2012