Verses & Poems by Margmax

Friendship poems ideal for Friendship day or for just letting your friends know how much you appreciate them.

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Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. It was declared as a holiday in the U.S by congress in 1935 and this concept was accepted by several other countries.
Friendship Day is celebrated by meeting friends and exchanging cards and flowers so here is some help to make your words to your friends special and unique in those greeting cards and gift tags......

Friendship Poems for more than just friendship day 

On this day which is set aside for friends
There is no way I could let it end
Without letting you know how much your friendship means to me
I hope that you are able to see

When I am happy, when I am sad you are by my side
You always know when I need a friend my feelings from you I cannot hide
My dear friend I am so pleased for this Friendship Day
To show you how important your friendship is in every way

By Margmax 

friendship poems to celebrate our friends

Friends like you are really rare
You really are a wonderful pair
We have been friends for such a long time
A friendship that has always shined

We just wanted you to know on this appropriate day
How much we appreciate you in every single way
So as we enjoy a celebration on this day together
We know that we will all be friends now and forever

By Margmax 

friendship poems words for special people

It is so much fun being friends with you
You can always cheer me up when I feel blue
I appreciate the efforts which you put in
To our friendship which is as neat as a new pin

I hope that I give just as much back
And that my side of the friendship does not lack
So as we spend this Friendship Day having fun
I want you to know I love you honey bun

By Margmax 

friendship poems because we all need friends

Friends come Friends go but some stick around
I am so pleased that you are like glue - mate you are sound
You stick around even when I have a moan
Here forever, I hope, just not here on loan

By Margmax 

Friendship Poems because friends count 

Flowers have a language all of their own
The type and the colour can speak without the need of a telephone
Yellow symbolises friendship and happiness
You are my friend and I want for you more never less

I hope these flowers have spoken my thoughts
For that was the reason they were chosen and bought
I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day my friend
I hope it is perfect from beginning to end

By Margmax 

This gift is sent simply to say
My wonderful friend have a great Thanksgiving day

By Margmax 

Although I may not talk to you or see you every day
I think about you often in lots of different ways
Life is busy and sometimes it's hard to find the time 
But friends don't disappear, not the friends of mine
So on this special day sent aside for people like you
I wish you, my friend, a beautiful day lasting all year through

By Margmax 

The following poem is a good introduction to a message. It can be followed by wishing your friend Happy Birthday or Get Well or just how are you....

We don't have to often speak
We don't have to often meet
Friendship that is true and sweet
Just requires a little tweet

by Margmax 2012 

Not all friendships go on forever. It is said that friends come into our life when we need them and therefore only stay for a while. The following poem is for the end of a friendship which does not always have to be acrimonious 

Friendship's are not always meant to last forever
But I thought ours was sound and would end never
But it was good and needed by us both at the time
So I will not feel too sad that it has come to the end of the line

People come in and out of our life it's meant to be so
They say friends are sent when we need them but then have to go
I am glad you were sent when I needed you
Look after yourself, enjoy life, whatever you do

by Margmax 2012 

Lost Friends 

Friends come and friends go
It's meant to be and has always been so
Some are with us for as long as we need them to be
A month, a year and sometimes eternity

But friends are important to us all through our life
We all need people to help us through the strife
To share our joy, to wipe our tears
To talk us through all our hopes and fears

So embrace each friend as they come and go
Don't be sad to lose them remember it has to be so
New friends will replace the one's that go
And some of the new ones may stay you never know

by Margmax 2012