Verses & Poems by Margmax

Grandson poems and verses are free for non commercial use and are ideal for greeting cards and gift tags. These poems will enable you to send wishes to your close one in an original way.

Since I first saw you I knew we had a bond
My darling grandson of whom I am so fond
As each year passes and you become a man
I will always try to do the very best I can
by Margmax 2012 

Please note: Grandpa and Grandma can be substituted by Granda, Grandfather, Grandpop, Gramps and Gran, Grandmother, Nana & Nanna

Our little boy is (5) years old today
Grandpa and Grandma are sending tons of hugs your way
We are also sending wishes that your day is so good
With presents and games and lovely party food
So enjoy your day and be a good boy
And I am sure you will get lots of new toys

by Margmax 

Rumble tumble full of joy
That's our wonderful little boy
A bundle of energy that is you
Embracing everything you do

Have a wonderful time today
As you run with your friends at play
Grandpa and Grandma send you love and kisses
and tons and tons of Happy Birthday Wishes

by Margmax 

Grandson poems for that important little person in your life 

Within this card for you today
are a million wishes for a great birthday
You are so very special to us as you know
and have been since the word go
Lots of love Nana and Granda 

by Margmax 

It’s (James’s) birthday he is (four) years old today
He is having a party inviting all his friends to play
Nana and Granda are visiting to join in all the fun
Because they would not want to miss the birthday of their grandson 

Words in brackets can be changed to suit 

by Margmax 2011 

Our little boy is growing up we see
No longer at his grandparents knee
We have become redundant in the childminding phase
Now it's booze and clothes and the present craze

But he is not too big for us to say
Happy Birthday grandson have a wonderful day

by Margmax 

We have watched you grow from boy to man
and we have done our best to help you all we can
That is the job of grandparents you know
To watch over their children's offspring as they grow

So now we can relax our job is almost done
But the job was easy with you as our grandson
So Happy Birthday have a wonderful day
Enjoy your celebrations in every way

by Margmax 

Bob the builder and Fireman Sam
Are wishing you the best birthday that they can
They are sending wishes especially for you 
Because today you are (4) and (Grandma) has asked them to

by Margmax 2013 

Spiderman is throwing his web and Batman's car is standing by
We have told them it's a very special day and we would like them to say "hi" 
But as you know they have to be on call to rescue people when their phone rings
So they told Grandma/Grandpa to bring you all these things

by Margmax 2013 

I am so happy to be here to say
Happy birthday on this your milestone birthday 
My wish for you is that the years to come
Will get better and better as each one is done

by Margmax 2013 

I wrote the following as a Grandson Poem or Grand daughter 

Grandchildren are Special

Grandchildren are special they are the future you see
So watching you grow has been very special to me
I have laughed at the good times and cried at the bad
I have felt all the emotions happy and sad

The child of my child how special is this
It is a joy I am so glad I did not miss
Every birthday you have had has been special to me
Because you are so special I love you you see

Have a wonderful (18th) Birthday Grand(daughter/son) 

by Margmax 2013 

picture on front of the card for the following poem was picture of a teddybear barbecuing 
Barbecue Fred it here today to cook
you up a special treat
Because today James you are (7) years
old and birthday treats are neat
As well as all the new games and 
toys I am sure you will see
Lots of birthday wishes and this VERY 
ME insert picture of bear here 

by Margmax 2014