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Funeral Eulogy and other help and information for arranging a funeral. Losing a loved one is so difficult it is hard to think and make arrangements when you are traumatised. In this page I have tried to give you ideas and reminders of what you may wish to say and do at this sad time. We always want to get this right as it is the last thing we can do on this earth for our lost relative.

It is very difficult when losing a loved one to think clearly of what you should do and say and you want to get this right because it is the last thing you are able to do to show how much your loved one meant in your life. 
In this section you will hopefully find some help to write your funeral eulogy
You will not find all the well known verses if you wish to view these then you will find most of them on 
All the writings on this site are my own and are not taken or copied from anyone else my aim is to remind you of subjects you may wish to cover and therefore hopefully help write your funeral eulogy

Funeral Eulogies can take any form you wish. You may wish to make it a brief look at the life your loved one has lived starting from their birth, school, work history and colleagues, marriage and children and grandchildren. You may wish to take in any achievements. Remember to put in some humorous happenings which are not disrespectful indeed they show the character of the deceased and help mourners to relate to events and raise a smile amongst the tears.
Crematoriums always ask for two chosen pieces of music to be played on entering and exiting but there is no reason why you cannot include a music track into the service. Recently at a funeral I attended the minister announced we were going to listen to some music and we were serenaded by Shirley Bassey singing Kiss me Honey Honey Kiss me. The whole congregation smiled because this was an appropriate track for the deceased. The minister said that the deceased would of approved of us dancing down the aisle and her children said she would sing and act this song to them when they were small.
It is a good idea to talk to members of the family and ask them for things that stick out in their memory about the deceased

This funeral eulogy was written by me when I lost my sister. It reflected happenings between my sister and I and it helped me greatly to write this down even though I had my partner read it as I was too emotional. It can be adapted to suit the person but perhaps it will help you at this sad time when thinking is difficult:-

Anne was my only sibling - we were not alike - we had very different ideas and ways but the family bond was there - we stuck together in a crisis. It is hard to believe that at this time last year Anne was looking after me when I went though a traumatic operation for cancer. She was distraught at my illness and a year on the tables turned when she took ill. I knew I was losing her but we have all been shocked at how quickly it happened. Anne would have been overwhelmed at the people here today, she was a shy retiring person who lacked confidence in herself. My illness brought into her life a new circle of friends and she looked forward to the monthly "ladies who lunched" outings this brought her - it gave her an excuse to buy yet more clothes. She also much appreciated the help and support given to her by her friend Marjorie and Marjorie tells me she would explain to her in detail about her lunch outings.
Although Anne's illness was short it rendered her housebound for several months and that was not Anne - she loved to be out and about - mainly shopping. Her passion or obsession with shopping was unbelievable to me she never tired of making purchases and this had always been so. 
She recently told the story of how ashamed she now felt when she remembered taking me as a 12 year old child on a trip to town. Anne spied a dress in Richard Shop window which she "had to have". Buying it meant she would have to use all the money we had between us - she bought that dress and we had to walk home from Newcastle. I never knew until recently that she guilt tripped about it in later years
Anne would never have believed how much she was loved by her sons, grand daughters and me. We have struggled together this last week to come to terms with the void now in our lives. She never recognised that she was the glue that held her family together. Anne did not want to live the life of an invalid she told me this often over the past 3 months so I pray she has found Ken (her husband) and our mam and dad and that heaven has shops.
Thank you for coming here today to say goodbye to my sister Anne. Everyone is welcome to the wake (give details).

funeral eulogy for when words are difficult

Order of Service
Many people have sheets printed bearing the deceased name and photograph on the front cover and giving the order of service plus any hymns.
Another good idea are small cards placed on the seats in the church/crematorium asking mourners to complete as it is difficult for the family to know who has attended the service.

On my funeral poems page you will perhaps find something appropriate to accompany your wreath or for your announcement in the press. Or you may wish to use a poem from that page in your eulogy or the poems at the end of this section. All my poems are free for non commercial use and I hope you have found this section helpful. Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss which only time will make bearable.

by Margmax 2011

funeral eulogy poems when you need a little help

Grieve for me when I am no more
But remember the life I lived I implore

My physical body you can no longer see
But remember how you knew me

Remember the good times and not the bad
And take time to smile even tho' you may feel sad

Your life may now have an empty space
But I am still around even tho" you can no longer see my face

So grieve for me but not too long
Because life has to keep going on

by Margmax 2011 

funeral eulogy to give you strength to cope

I never liked to walk alone 
But this journey I must make on my own

So send me off with a smile and a wave
I promise I will try to be very brave

Have a drink for me in fact have a few
Make new friends amongst the people I knew

And when this day comes to an end
Mourn me no more but remember me my friend

by Margmax 2011 

funeral eulogy when you need a little help

(Mother/father/etc) All the people here today are here because of you
Because of the person that you were and of all the things you used to do
We will miss you so very much in our life’s there will be a huge gap
We know that you were tired and God decided you should take a nap

We will never forget the things you did for us
Those little kindnesses did without asking and without a fuss
You were a (mother, aunt and a friend) relied on by all you knew
Now there is a void, a void left by losing you

We celebrate the fact that you were born and lived amongst all us here
You were an amazing woman/man very loved and revered
You embraced life, lived it to the full, as we all know
So forgive us all today as we shed a tear as we let you go

by Margmax 2012 

funeral eulogy poems here to help