Verses & Poems by Margmax

Get Well Daughter-Son poems and verses are designed to encourage your child to follow doctor's orders so that they can soon be back home from perhaps a hospital stay. These can be used in cards and gifts and are free for non commercial use. 

However old you are matters not
You are my child and I love you a lot 
So when things are not good for you
Then that hurts me very much too
So my darling child please get well soon 
and then I will be in clover and over the moon
by Margmax 2012 

My darling (child) you must get well quickly
A mother cannot bear the thought of her (child) being sickly
The umbilical cord may have been cut long ago
But invisible ties still remain - they never go

So my dear please try very hard to recover
So that you are once again back home with mother
I will make all your favourite dishes
Just get well and grant your mother's wishes

(child) may be replaced with daughter,son, or name

by Margmax 

Being really sick is not very nice
But throughout our life it happens once or twice
When it happens to your child
It stabs at a parent unless it is mild
So please take this knife out of me
And you can do that by getting better you see

by Margmax 

When you open this card you will see
I have enclosed lots of love from you to me
But that's not all that is enclosed inside
There is magic dust that I had to hide

So that when you open it will sprinkle you
With wishes that you will soon be good as new
Sleeping in your own bed at home with us 
And you know (mom and dad) will make such a fuss

by Margmax 

All your toys are very sad
That you are in hospital feeling so bad
I have promised them you will soon be home
So hurry get well my (son) so they will not be alone

(son) may be replaced with daughter or name of child

by Margmax 

Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot
So please hurry and get well from whatever you have got

by Margmax