Verses & Poems by Margmax

Anniversary Memorial poems and verses for the anniversary of your loved one's death. It is often difficult to know what to do or say when this day arrives. Personally I feel at peace when I leave flowers with a card expressing my feelings in the place where I feel closest to my loved one.

You left me a (year) ago and took a part of me
That part will stay with you as anyone can see
If there is a life to live when this one has gone
That is when my heart will be whole and we will be as one
by Margmax 2012 

Anniversary Memorial Poems for Anniversary of death

On this day (2) years ago I lost part of me as you were taken away
The hurt is there it will never go but time makes it bearable day by day
So if you are looking down here at me
Words are not needed because you can see

by Margmax 2011 

anniversary memorial poems 

When this day comes around every year
I think about all the things that we two did share
It makes me happy and it makes me sad
But that you were in my life at all makes me very glad

by Margmax 2011

Losing my (mom) was my rock shattered
I may no longer have been a child but oh how mom mattered
My foundations are shaky I wobble and fall
No longer do I feel ten feet tall

So when this day arrives each year
I do my best to show how I still care
I hope (mom) knew how much she was loved
and that she is looking down on me from above

by Margmax 

I hate this day I really do
Because this is the day I lost you
I know time makes the hurt seem less
But still this is a day just full of stress

by Margmax 2011 

My darling (husband) when I lost you (0) years ago
I lost part of myself but I think you would know
I have tried my best to muddle along 
But it cannot be the same now you are gone

So on this day as I do every year
I hope you can see just how much I care
And until we meet again my love
Just keep watching me from your cloud up above

by Margmax 2011 

anniversary memorial poems to remember your loved one

My lovely lady where are you now
I miss you so much can you see how
If after earthly life our existence goes on
Please meet me when from this world I am gone

by Margmax 2011 

Anniversary Memorial Poems when you are seeking the words in your heart 

My Love 

Would I choose to wed you again? 
A million times "Yes" my love
Could anyone else ever take your place
Never, never my love

The years we shared do I regret a one?
Never a minute's regret my love
Would I live them over given the choice?
Over and over my love

Do I feel a void now that we are apart?
Yes - a piece is missing from my heart
So 'till we meet again my darling love
I will look for you in the clouds above

by Margmax 2012 

Anniversary memorial poems to give you comfort

Although I know life has to end
It is no easier to bear my friend
So on this memory of your departing day
I am so sad that your time came and you went away

by Margmax 2011 

anniversary memorial poems for condolence cards 

Has it only been a year since you were taken from our life
A year spent coping and adjusting and trying to get things right
We hope your looking down on us and pleased at what you see
Because now you may realize how important you were to your family
Sad memories of a loved mother, nana, sister and aunt

by Margmax 2011 (in memory of my sister memoriam for the Newspaper) 

We have came here today in the hope that you are here
Looking down upon us to see that we are near
It is still hard to accept that (one) year ago on this day
You were taken from us in a very hasty way
We miss you very much a part is missing from our life
But we are trying very hard to get everything just right 

by Margmax 2011 (card accompanying the flowers taken to the crematorium on the 1st anniversary of my sister's death) 

the following poem was written by request

I was the luckiest girl in the world to be given a daddy like you
Your film star looks, engaging smile and a heart of gold to
They tell me time heals a heart but I know mine will never mend
No one can replace my daddy, my hero, my best friend

I visit the place where you were lain and talk to you every day
I see your face and hear our conversations and know just what you will say
I knew God was taking you even though I prayed for you to stay
You told me you would never leave you would be with me all the way

But no longer can I hug you or feel like daddy’s little girl
My daddy was my whole world now that world is in a whirl
I can only ask the Lord to love you and hold you in his care 
Until the day that we are together in another life to share

by request Margmax 2011 

anniversary memorial poems for newspaper memorial

The following poem was requested for recipient's brother in law even though her sister was no longer with them 

We have cried together so many times since my sister went away
But I remember happy times like the one that happened (2) years ago today
As you said your vows to become man and wife I was so happy you joined our clan
Dear brother in law your are still one of us and a very special man

by Margmax 2011 by request 

It's true the pain gets easier as time goes by
But no-one can appreciate how thing's were between you and I
I think about you constantly and not just on this day
I cry inside all the time because you were taken away

We were so very content to travel life's path together
I hoped it would always be so and it would go on forever
But life is hard it shoots it's arrows without a warning or a care 
This arrow stays inside my heart until once again the days we share

by Margmax 2012 

Anniversary memorial poems for when you need the right words 

Today is the anniversary of the day you left this earth
I know all who knew you have appreciated your worth
Because no-one was more caring then you my dear friend
You radiated that love until the very end

As we think about you which we do most every day
I conclude when you left you took part of us away
I know you will be caring for folk on the other side
But I hope you can see that here is still a love for you we cannot hide

by Margmax 2012 

Anniversary memorial poems to help you at this sad time

From the day I first met you I knew I had a buddy and a friend
And that friendship was amazing from it's beginning to it's very end
I really miss you being here I miss you very much
I pick up the 'phone to ring you we always kept in touch

I still find myself talking to you and telling you all my news
Some things cannot change I always wanted to have your views
Especially today, my friend, I feel you close to me
Because even in death somethings cannot change you see

by Margmax 2012 

It’s hard to believe it’s one year since we lost you
We knew it had to come there was nothing we could do
You were loved I think you knew this was so
But God wanted you and you had to go

by Margmax 2013 

Anniversary Memorial Poems find the words you wish to say at this sad time 

I still miss you - of course I do
Everywhere I am I think about you
Life goes on and folk seem to forget 
But I could never forget you and I am so glad we met

by Margmax 2013 

anniversary memorial poems for when words will not come 

The following poems were written, on request, by a mother on the anniversary of losing her son

Can it really be 9 years since you were here with me
James, my darling son, I will never understand why 
it had to be
I have memories that raise a smile and I hold onto
these as the years roll by
But I have dark days, and I always will, when all I can 
do is cry

I try very hard to tell myself that you are in a better
But what if this is not true, what if this is not the case
People try to comfort me by saying you are now at 
I really hope that this is true that I could say your 
mother does know best

But my heart is weeping because I am left with a 
void in my life
Taking away my child is like cutting out my heart
with a blunt knife
If there is a better place I pray that is where you 
will be
and one day I will join you and it will again me my
son and me

by Margmax 2014 

anniversary memorial poems to express your feelings choose an anniversary memorial poems

Part of me died 9 years ago on this day
because a mother should never have to
say goodbye to her child in this way
My beautiful son who grew into a man
who I loved as only a mother can

You became a father and grandfather 
my family grew
But life was hard for you, my son, if only
I knew
I miss you as much now as the day you
I never knew that a person could bear
the pain of being so broken hearted

You left me a legacy in Stacey and the 
two little ones
They are my solace to help stand the 
pain of you being gone
You created this family but are not here
to share in the joy
I miss you and love you so much my
wonderful boy

by Margmax 2015 

Anniversary memorial poems 

The following was written by request for a mother to put on facebook on the memorial of her son's tragic death 

Is it really nine years since that fateful day
When you were so violently taken away
My pain is still raw how does a mother survive
When her plans and dreams for her child can
no longer be alive
I am told it must be part of God’s plan and that he
needed you
I try to see this to be so - yes I really do

God called you home - my friends tell me
I cling onto this thought although my home is
now empty
You worked so hard at your studies to make your
future work out
and I was so proud I knew you would achieve your
goals without a doubt

All those hopes and dreams were blown into the sky
How many times have I asked God why?
Maybe your skills are needed in God’s land?
and the day will come when I understand.

I hope you are with souls who are caring for you
but you remember how much I love you too
My heart has a piece missing that piece is you
Life can change in a minute - this is so true

by Margmax 2014

the following written on request for a grandmother on the loss of her grandson by cot death 

You Fell Asleep 

Time is a healer so people say
It is now 2 years since my grandson
was taken away
He went into a sleep that was long
and deep
Our darling baby boy who continues
to sleep

Our time with you was oh so brief
3 short months and then we were 
plunged into grief
I can only pray that you are with 
family who like you
Now live on a heavenly plain far 
from our view

A toddler now learning things new
With family who are caring for you
So darling boy I hope you grow to know
How very much we love and miss you so

by Margmax 2015 

anniversary memorial poems 

Written on request for someone who had lost a friend they grew up with 

From the first day I can remember
you were my best friend
We played together argued together
but stuck together to the end
I miss you just as much today as
the day you were taken away
and I find it hard to believe that was
ten years ago on this day

We cannot change the past or foretell
what is yet to come
Life has it’s twists and turns and is
really tough for some
Your time on earth was brief and I wish
you did not have to go
But I hope you can see how much your
missed because I have a void that will never go

by Margmax 2014 

The following poem was written on request for someone to send to a friend on the anniversary of his father's death. The friend was now head of the family and felt the strain. 

anniversary memorial poems 

Come Through 

I know this year has not been easy
for you
But here we are 12 months on and
you have come through
The loss of a loved one is never easy
I know
But time goes on and with it we grow

I am sure at times of need you feel your
father at your side
Encouraging, giving you strength and being
your guide
No doubt you will make mistakes as we all
do from time to time
But from mistakes we learn and in the end
things will be fine

So on this day as you feel sadness and pain
Think of the years you had together and the
things you gained
In your mind your father will always stay
You will still hear his voice as you go through
your day.

by Margmax 2014 

Anniversary Memorial Poems 

I wrote the following for my own dear sister 

Four years ago today I lost 
my only sister
It happened very quickly and 
I still really miss her
I never got the chance to say
many things I wanted to
I should of told her that I loved
her that was the important thing to do

Maybe she can hear me when
I talk out loud to her
I really hope she can because 
sometimes life is just not fair
So I will go on talking to her and
taking her places with me
Because I know she would like it
and it comforts me you see

by Margmax 2014 

When we lose a loved one it’s
really hard to cope
We wonder how we will go on
and look for a little hope
It took me a long time to come
to terms with you not being there
I should of shown you more how
very much I cared

You left a void in my life and as
I remember the things we would do
I gain comfort in those memories 
of time I spent with you
I hope there is a life when this one
is done
So we can be together once more 
having fun

by Margmax 2015 

Written on request for a mother who lost her son aged 19yrs in a car accident 

They say time makes it easier
to bear the loss and pain
Nine of those years have passed
and I am still trying, in vain
To take your child’s life so tragically
when so very young
For any parent to accept - well it’s
just not something that can be done

You made me so proud in all that you
Your High School Diploma which your
Momma proudly received
Surrounded by family and friends that
day was happy and also sad
Supported by friends and family a day I will 
remember and a one I am pleased I had

So my darling boy on this anniversary of the 
day you were cruelly taken away
I hope you can look down on us and 
join us on this day
I prey that in the afterlife you have found
our loved ones that have gone
Until our time comes to join you I hope your
new life is a happy one.

by Margmax 2015 

anniversary memorial poems say what is in your heart 

This anniversary memorial poem was written on request 

On this day which is know as Valentine’s day
A day in which lovers celebrate in their own way
Is a day which I will now remember with sadness 
my love
As one year ago on this day you left me for a life 
up above

We let you go so you could be pain free
Cindy my darling, how hard that was for me
Words cannot describe how we all miss you so
Our little family has lost it’s rock which I am sure
you know

Our children, Olivia and Danny whom we both
Try to be brave and I try to be a good dad and a
little bit more
I try to compensate for you not being here with us
Doing all the things with ease and little fuss

You left a legacy for the world and me
In our two children and for the future to see
I hope you can look in from your cloud up above
To see how much you are missed and loved

So on this day set for lovers and the day you left me
Please look down at your family to see
Darren, your husband, trying his very best
Although at times sadness makes it a hard test
We miss you Cindy so very very much 
But our hearts you will always reach and touch.

by Margmax 2016 

written on request for Rose on the loss of her mother 

Mum you suffered so in this life
you bore your load so well
You would put on your makeup
so the world could not tell
They took away your ability to
dance in those shoes you loved 
so much
But now I am sure those heels 
are clicking that floor on touch

We all missed dad when he was
taken but not as much as you
Your carer for so many years we
missed all the things he would do
We are happy that you will now
be together in a world we know 
not where
Once again our mum and dad
will be a matching pair

You gave us our memories which
we can keep in our thoughts
You gave us a childhood with all
the love it brought
So now I can imagine dad playing
out a tune
and you in those high heels dancing
around the room.

by Margmax 2016 

when you cannot find the words in your head anniversary memorial poems will do it for you 

The following was also written for Rose on the 10th anniversary of her father's death so the two poems are connected 

You left us so suddenly with
no time to prepare
You were our carer and advisor
in everything we would share
Your gentle caring ways had
an influence on all
It is no wonder that God give
you a special call

It may be 10 years since you
went away
But your lessons and words are
with us every day
You loved all creatures and your
garden most of all
God seen another angel when he
gave you his call

We take comfort in the thought
that you were there for mum again
It helps us with our sorrow and eases
our pain
We picture you playing your music
see your fingers on the keys
As mum dances around to your
tunes in her favourite high heels

by Margmax 2016 

anniversary memorial poems for the words you are looking for 

For my sister.... 
It’s hard to believe (6) years have passed
since you went away
But in my heart you are still here I talk
to you many a day
I tell you things you would like to know
and show you places to
I would really like to have done this
before you left for places new

I wonder if you can see us and watch
us get on with things
Or when this life on earth is done is 
there nothing afterwards it brings?
Will we really meet again in a land far
far away ?
Or is this just a dream to help us through
life day by day ?

I am now a great great auntie and you a
great great gran
I am sad that you are not here to see this
little man
Maybe you can watch over him from your
cloud way up high
It’s a nice thought to have so I think I will
keep it in my mind’s eye.

by Margmax 2016 

Anniversary memorial poems help you to say what is in your heart and mind on the anniversary of your lost loved one so have a look on Anniversary Memorial poems to find the right one for you. 

Written on request for someone who lost a loved one on their birthday 

As you celebrate your 21st birthday
I know you will also shed a tear
A celebration of your birth but a 
memory of someone oh so dear
Life is not an easy path to walk
it gives us many things to bear
But know you still have around you
folk who really care

As the sun rises on this day
remember birthdays that have gone
take comfort in these memories 
of birthdays spent with your loved one
We never forget but time does make
things easier to bear
New people will enter your life and
you will have extra folk who care

We wish you twenty one birthday wishes
each one given with lots of love
and we know that your loved one will be
looking down on you from above
So raise your glass up high as you drink
your birthday toast
Because this is a special birthday a one
you should remember the most.

by Margmax 2016 

Written by request 
This year has been full of tears
since you went away
Mom I think about you, miss you
and shed a tear almost every day
Life was not always easy it was
often a hard road to walk
But I miss you so very much I
wish once more we could talk

I console myself by saying that
you are now pain free
How I wish I could say goodbye
and just let you see
How very much I love you and
carry you in my heart
I will take you with me always
Mom how I wish we never had to part

If I could visit heaven I would make
that journey every day
But all I can do is remember the life
we shared in every way
I hope that you can look down and
see how much you are loved
As I look up to heaven hoping to see you
watching me from above

by Margmax 2017 

One year has passed since your’e
loved one moved on
Twelve months that’s 365 days they have
now been gone
Physically they may no longer be
here with you
But they will always be in your heart 
and in the things you do

Life goes on no matter how sad we
Time ticks by in an effort to heal
I hope that time is helping with the 
loss you bare
Please remember you are not alone
there are others who care.

by Margmax 2017