Verses & Poems by Margmax

Birthday Memorial poems and verses for remembering your loved one either on their birthday or anniversary of their departure.  These can be adapted to suit mother, father, husband, wife, sister, brother, child, grandparents and friends etc.
It is hard when you loose a loved one you cannot dismiss their birthday or forget their passing and it is hard to know the right thing to do. From personal loss I know I have felt better by buying flowers accompanied by a card with a verse and leaving them in the place I feel closest to the person.

It is so hard on this day
To remember you have gone away
I want to give you a birthday kiss
But I can only remember the things I miss
by Margmax 2012 

Birthday Memorial Poems/verses

Please note! These poems/verses can be adapted easily and names substituted by ones in brackets to suit your loved one

Today is your birthday and we would of celebrated in some way

I cannot let it go without some mark of this day

So my dear (sister) this is the place where....
I will wish you a happy birthday so you will know I still care

by Margmax 2011 

Looking Down 

I am looking up today and I trust
you are looking down
Because today is your birthday and I am
insisting on smiles and not a single frown
I know this is what you would ask for 
because you always thought of other folk
So look at your smiley family laughing and 
having a joke

We always puzzled what to buy you when this
day came each year
You would always say “nothing - as long as you
visit I know you care”
So we would do the usual, buying you gifts that 
would be useful one day
and you would express your delight as you put them quietly away

I like to think you are looking down on us in your 
caring way
Especially today which is very special because (mother)
today is your (80th) birthday
So (mum) I hope the angels are singing and you are
celebrating big style
But take a moment from your celestial celebrations to
spend with us looking down for awhile

by Margmax 2014 

birthday memorial poems when you need help to express yourself

We can no longer celebrate together another added year
But this does not mean I forget and that I no longer care
My darling (husband) I remember every day
The time we had together and the time you went away 

by Margmax 2011 

My dearest (mother) how I would love to say
A very Happy Birthday to you on this day
I will say it anyway in the hope that you can hear
Whilst I have a piece of birthday cake and shed a little tear

by Margmax 2011 

Birthday Memorial Poems how can you express what you feel at this time with these Birthday Memorial Poems 

I still hear your voice and see your face
The best mom in the human race
You loved me through all the highs and lows
How much I miss you no-one but you and I know

My mom such a special lady
Now resting in a place so shady
Today I will spend some special time
Remembering the birthday of a lady who was so fine

By Margmax 2012 

Birthday Memorial Poems to help you when words do not come easily 

(Dad) we really miss you and especially on this day
A day when we would have celebrated your birthday in your chosen way
But we will have a drink in memory of you
Indeed why stop at one you would say so we will have a few

by Margmax 2011 

I still buy the flowers on this day each year
It has been a routine without which I would despair
How can I stop it would be like I was forgetting you
And my darling (wife) that is something I could never do
So Happy Birthday my love wherever you may be
I have bought your favourite blooms and I hope you can look down and see

by Margmax 2011

Birthday memorial poems when words are hard to find find a birthday memorial poem here to say it for you

My beautiful lovely darling child
On this day the tears I cannot hide
We would be celebrating your (5th) birthday
But you were cruelly taken away
So until the day when we celebrate again together
Please know your (mummy) forgets you never

by Margmax 2011 

Are There Toys In Heaven 

Are there toys in heaven that you
can play with my darling child?
Is there someone to cuddle you 
when you are upset and shed tears
you cannot hide?
When it is your birthday do you get
lots of gifts and a birthday cake?
Do you have a fun day on your 
birthday from the moment that you wake?

These are the questions I ask myself
on this day every year
That you were taken from me is hard
enough to bear
So I still buy your birthday card and place
it where I hope you can see
Happy birthday my darling with love and
kisses from me x x 

by Margmax 2014

Birthday Memorial Poems to help you when it's difficult 

the following written on request 

We never got the chance to watch you grow
Because your grandparents you did not get to know
But in our hearts you will always be 
and one day you will sit upon our knee

You wait for us instead of us waiting for you
It’s not the right way around it’s not the norm that’s true
So until the day arrives when we celebrate your birthday
Know that we always remember the day and will do so

So happy 2nd birthday our darling grandson 
I hope up there you are having lots of birthday fun
We trust that you have people loving and looking after you
and that they are celebrating your day to equal how we
would do

by Margmax 2014

The following written on request 

We never got to meet you or to 
watch you as you grew
God took you very quickly
when you were very new
Within your mother’s arms you
stayed for such a little while
But in our hearts you are here forever
and this thought makes us smile

Jemima you were loved before the day
that you were born
and you are still loved and thought about
as every day does dawn 
Today would be your first birthday a day
we would love to have spent with you
But we can only hope you are playing
with the angels and enjoying yourself to

Our darling, darling little girl how much you
are loved 
So on this your very first birthday we are 
sending hugs and kisses to you up above.

by Margmax 2016 

The following written on request for a grandmother on her grandson's 16th birthday 
As today dawns memories flood my
Today I should be celebrating not sitting
here out of sorts
Today my darling grandson you would
be reaching a special age
Manhood so very near as you
turned the yearly birthday page

I see your beaming smile as I close my
eyes and picture you
So tall and so active with all the hobbies
that you would do
So patient as you waited for those fish
to tag onto your line
Let’s hope that heaven has some rivers
so that you can fish and subsequently dine

I hear your voice so deep as your chatter
reaches my ears
I try to fill my mind with good times and 
forget about my fears
Clay my darling grandson I hope you are
looking down on us today
To see how much you are missed and loved
as we think about today your 16th birthday.

by Margmax 2016 

Looking for words for your lost loved one try Birthday Memorial poems

Written on request for a mother who lost her son twice 
I lost you many years ago
my heart was broken then
But I consoled myself with
the thought of meeting you again
This happened and I felt I had
a second chance with my child
How cruel life can be once more
you were gone from my side

Every year on the day you were
born I have shed a little tear
For the child I had and lost but
hoped one day you would reappear
My tears are still here on this day but
no longer can I hope
That you will come again to my side
it's harder now to cope

I hope you are having a party to
celebrate your special day
Maybe the angels are helping you
along the way
If there is another life when our
earthly one is gone
Then once again we will be together
Mother and son as one

5by Margmax 2015 

Written on request 
My beautiful lovely darling child
On this day the tears we cannot hide
We would be celebrating your 13th birthday
But you were so cruelly taken away
We never got to bring you home
We had to leave you on your own

We hope today as you reach your teenage year
You are with our family and people who care
That you are blowing out candles and opening a
special gift
These thoughts we need to make our hearts lift
That the angels are singing Happy Birthday to you
Because today, on your birthday, that’s what they
should do

by Margmax 2016 

Birthday memorial poems to say what is in your heart at this sad time 

My (friend) we always spent this day having fun
But now it's a thing that cannot be done
But I still have those birthday memories every year
Of a great (friend) who was always around because she always cared

by Margmax 2011 

Birthday Memorial poems when you cannot find the words to say

Today I am so very sad that you are not here with me
Because today would have been your birthday so I am sad as sad can be
That we are no longer together celebrating like we used to do
My darling wife/husband (dearest friend) I do so miss you

by Margmax 2011 

Birthday Memorial Poems we do not forget our loved ones even when they are not among us so why not use one of our Birthday Memorial Poems for your flowers 

As your birthday comes around each year
I look for a way to show how much I care
I look for a place to feel close to you
So that I can remember the things we used to do

I feel very sad because you are not close to me
and I wonder if it's true that in death once again close you will be
So my darling (sister/husband etc) today I hope somehow you will know
I think about you often because I love you so

by Margmax 2012 

Birthday Memorial Poems to say the words you can't 

Today we would be celebrating and toasting your birthday
But it is no longer possible as God has taken you away
Every year on this day I buy your favourite flowers
I place them in my home and trust that you can see them if God gives you such powers

I swallow the lump in my throat and brush away the tear
And try and think you are in a better place a place free from any fear
My darling (sister) I miss you so much more than I can say
I have to trust when my time comes God will send you for me on that day

by Margmax 2012 

Special Birthday Wish 

On this very special day 
You are always on our mind
Just as the day you went away
We have emotions of every kind

We can not let this day go by
Without marking it in some way
So as each year since you died
We are standing here today

We place our flowers on your grave
And hope that you can see
We try to smile and be brave
Just as you would want us to be

So (mother) dear please look down here
Look and see how we have done
We are sending Happy Birthday cheers
And hope your are having birthday fun

by Margmax 2012 

Birthday Card

No birthday card in the post
No glass to raise in a birthday toast
No gift to buy and watch your face
As you pretend it's exactly to your taste

Just flowers to lay at your graveside
With words said shakily trying to hide
The emotions that are still very raw
For the darling person I so adore
Happy Birthday (my love) 

by Margmax 2012 

Birthday memorial poems say it when you can't

Not Gone 

In my heart you are still here
Calming all my worries and fears
From this earth you may be gone
But in my heart you still belong

So as every year since you left me
I visit the place where you used to be
I am still sending you birthday wishes
With floral tributes and a ton of kisses

by Margmax 2012 

Birthday Memorial Poems written with your loved one in mind

Someone There? 

I hope there's someone up there
Looking after you
I hope there's someone there to care
doing things you like to do

This is the first birthday 
Not spent here with us
I hope in some little way
They are making a bit of a fuss

So here I am saying a prayer
To whoever is looking after you
Please take very good care
Of a wonderful (person) please do

by Margmax 2012 

Birthday memorial poems words from the heart

When I cry I remember you holding me 
and I cry a lot these days
When I laugh it's you I see
You made me laugh in many ways
You shared my hopes, dreams and fears
Today on your birthday it's hard to hold back the tears

by Margmax 2012 

We spent lots of birthdays together
Celebrations which we thought we would share forever
But time passes so quickly and life deals it's cards
Now life without you, my love, is so very hard

So I will raise a glass in a toast to you today
To celebrate with you your (70th) birthday
I hope you can see from up above 
How much I miss you, my one true love

by Margmax 2012 

Birthday memorial poems gone but never forgotten

I wrote the following for my sister's 73rd birthday which may be adapted for your loved one

My Sister's Birthday 

Today I am so very sad that you are not here with me

Because today was your birthday so I am sad as sad can be

You looked forward to my retirement to spend more time with me
but you never got to see that day how cruel life can be
You were always very happy to go anywhere with me
and I think about this when I visit somewhere I know you would like to be
I hear myself saying “our Anne would of enjoyed this” I know
So I have a bit of sadness that never seems to go

To lose your only sibling is as difficult as can be
Now no parents, brother, sister only me you see
Life passes very quickly more so the older that you get
You do not think it possible? well wait awhile because you obviously are not there yet

So my dearest sister if there is a place that you may be
I hope that you are listening and that you can see me
I think about you often especially on days such as these
In my heart you are with me and I take you many places still you see

by Margmax 2013 

Birthday Calendar 

This day has been marked on my calendar
every single year
I cannot bear to miss it I still mark it as if
you are there
Every single year as I turn my calendar to
this day
I sing Happy Birthday (name) and just hope you
can hear me say

My memories are always near of the lifetime
that we shared
I hope that you knew how much I loved you and
how much I cared
Because in this life on earth we do not always 
show how dear people are to us
and suddenly it’s too late we can no longer
make a fuss

If I could send you a birthday cake with candles
to blow out
It would be on it’s way to you of that there is no doubt
But I will light a candle as I say my birthday 
and when I blow it out I will be sending you a 
million kisses

by Margmax 2013 

On this day for (25?) years we have had
the pleasure to wish you well
Because Heather to have you in our life has been
a joy that we often tell
You brought sunshine into any room and tender
care to all around
You were our own bright angel here below on the 

You left us a reminder within your darling child
Not that we could ever forget a girl who was so 
You were a perfect mum that any son would 
Life is so unkind who decided you should perish?

All our summer plans for trips away in the sun 
Now they will never happen but planning was most 
of the fun
We miss you darling Heather more than words can 
We hope that you can here up all singing Happy Birthday
to you today.

by Margmax 2013 (by request) 

Birthdays Gone 
This day used to be a happy day
Until you were chosen to go away
We talked, we laughed and did nice things
What a difference ( (2) years) brings

I still talk to you but you don’t answer me
Although in my head I know what your words
would be
Your birthday gift that we always shopped for
Now has to be flowers but I pick the ones you 
always adored

(Mum/Sister/Dad etc) I miss you everyday
But I am sure you understand it’s harder on your day
So Happy Birthday I am thinking of birthdays gone by 
When we spent them together you and I 

by Margmax 2014 

Birthday Happy Times 

Birthdays were always happy times 
that we would spend with you
Now when this day comes around
I feel so very blue
No longer can I look forward to seeing
your happy face
I just have the memories, life really does
go at some pace

I think about you often but more so on
this day
You left us with happy memories that 
never fade away
So Happy (80th) birthday (mum)I hope you 
are celebrating it in style
and when you have a moment think 
about us for awhile

by Margmax 2014 

I Cannot Delete You 

I think about you often and always
on this day
Everyone’s birthday is special it is
your given day
It’s hard to be without you I miss you
so you know
I really really wish you did not have 
to go

Your number is still in my mobile
I just cannot delete it even though 
you are no longer in this zone
I look at it so often as I am flicking
How much I want to ring it and have
a chat with you

I still mark your birthday on my calendar
each year
I cannot leave it off it would seem l had
ceased to care
As I check my Christmas card list I see
your name on top
I look at it and ponder should I write you
one or not

As long as I am on this earth you will
always be with me
No-one else can see you but you are
here, in my heart you see
So today on your birthday I am feeling
extra morose
Because you are not beside me to share
a birthday toast

by Margmax 2014 

I wrote the following on request of Natasha for her friend Christel, unfortunately the email address which Natasha gave me must be incorrect as my reply bounced back. So I hope you are checking here Natasha to see I did indeed respond to your request by return

Today is a day I will always remember
for this day belonged to you
Christel, my friend we should be out
celebrating your 19 years as we used to do
We can raise a glass to wish you a 
birthday partying all day
and hope that you can see us and join
us in some small way

We hope that you are having the best 
birthday you have every had
We are trying hard to think this way so
we do not feel so very sad
Your life with us was brief but you have
certainly left a footprint
For all the people who you touched in 
life you have left a memory that is a link

by Margmax 2014 

the following written by request of a mother for her daughter's 31st birthday 
My darling daughter as your birthday 
arrives once more
I think about the birthdays we celebrated
The birthdays spent in childhood ways
Oh they were such happy days

Now when that day comes around I try
to think of those childish birthdays and
try not to cry
You will always live within my heart 
Because a mother and her child can 
never part

I will always wish you on this day 
A Very Happy Birthday 

by Margmax 2015 

Birthday memorial poems have been written because we do not forget our loved ones on their special day so pick your special birthday memorial poems for your loved one.

the following was written on request from a husband who recently lost his wife to cancer 

Today is your 50th birthday my
darling wife
I celebrate it even though you are
no longer living this life
You fought so hard and bore so
But in the life you lived, I know, so
many people’s lives you touched

Two wonderful children you gave
to me
I try my best to be a good parent 
as you would want me to be
I hear your voice and remember the
things you would do
and I try very hard to do things the 
way you would want me to

It’s not always easy and sometimes
I struggle real hard
and curse life for dealing us this very
black card
But the years we spent together I
treasure and I am thankful for
Even though I would of liked us to have
had a few years more

So on this your half century birthday 
my love
I hope you are looking down from your
cloud up above
So you can see how much you are still loved
and missed every day
My darling wife I wish you a wonderful 
50th birthday

by Margmax 2015 

the following written on request for daughter's birthday

The light went out of my life
when I lost you
My darling daughter you were
a joy to everyone you knew
You flashed that smile when
you walked into a room
Your chatter and laughter 
chased away any gloom

Your kindness often got you
into trouble I know
But you never thought of that
if folk needed help you just would go
Not a day goes by without you in 
my mind
I still talk to you; it helps me a little
I find

For a child to go before the parent is
so hard to bear
It’s the wrong way around and I miss
so much all the things we used to share
The pain is still raw; time is a healer
they say
But I know my pain is still hurting every
single day

So as your birthday draws near 
My gifts will be different but they will
be here
Your favourite flower laid where I hope
you can see
Just a token that shows the love to you
from me

Dearest, darling daughter of mine
Wherever you now are I know you will
Maybe you are now a star in the sky
I look up each night and still ask why?
But heaven must be richer to have you
Just remind them there are still people
on earth who miss you and care.

by Margmax 2015 

Birthday memorial poems for that special day when you need to say what is in your heart - do it with one of these Birthday Memorial poems. 

I was requested a poem by Wendy Hardy which I have written below, however, the email address given is incorrect so I am unable to send to you Wendy this is the only way I can hope you pick it up. 

You may not be able to join us
to celebrate your special day
But we have not forgotten even
though you have gone away
We think about you often in many
little ways
Not just now on your 70th birthday
but on many other days

You dearly loved your garden and
now you have a garden up above
We hope God appreciates that you
will give it tender love
So Alan John Stockwell if you can
watch us on your day
Wendy, Geoff and all the family
are wishing you a Very Happy 
70th birthday.

by Margmax 

how do you mark your loved one's special day look here on birthday memorial poems. I am sure you will find a birthday memorial poem you can adapt. Birthday memorial poems help you to feel close to your loved one. 

The following poem was written on request for a little girl who would be 2 years old 

Today you will be 2 years old 
and I cannot celebrate with you
I cannot light the candles on your
cake like other mothers do
I cannot play childish games and
invite all your friends to play
I cannot do the things I should on
this your birthday

My darling girl I hope that heaven
has someone there to play with you
To make you laugh and make you 
safe like your mother would like to do
I miss you more than any words can
ever say
I miss you every single day 
but especially on this day - your birthday

by Margmax 2015 

How can you express your feelings when a loved one is no longer with us - Birthday Memorial Poems will help you say what is in your heart. With Birthday Memorial Poems you can say the things you would say to them if they were with you on their special day. Remember you can adapt any of the Birthday Memorial Poems to fit in with what you would like to express. 

the following is a slightly different request for a birthday poem for a son on his first birthday after losing his father 
As I send you wishes on your
special day
I feel a sadness that is here
to stay
As this year your dad is not with
you to say
Happy Birthday son have a great

If there is a way to watch over 
I know that is what your dad will
So hear his voice and feel him
Because if he can he will be raising
a cheer

by Margmax 

the following was written by request for the birthday memory of the person's twin brother 
On this day a birthday that we share
I want to tell you just how much I care
I want to give you a gift and wish you
a happy birthday 
But now I have to hope you can hear
me say

How much I miss you since you left
this earth
We entered it together we shared
our birth
So dear brother know that I am thinking
of you 
I hope that you are celebrating with
the angels having a drink or two

by Margmax 2016 

with birthday memorial poems you can put into words what is in your heart so search through the birthday memorial poems and find the one that is right for you. 

The following written on request for a mother whose baby was born early and did not survive 

13 years may have passed by
but it feels like yesterday
When you came into this world
too soon so sadly were taken away
Oh how much I longed to hold my
baby son
and watch over him every day as he 
learnt to walk and run

But my prayers were not answered
the way I wanted them to be
It seems that God had other plans
in life for you and for me
I named you Jamari which means
handsome grace
and when I close my eyes I can see
your baby face

I hope someone up there is loving
you as a mother only can
but I suppose now you are no longer
a baby but indeed a young man
I hope you can see how much I 
wanted you 
and I hope someday we are reunited
and we can start again brand new.

by Margmax 2016 

the following was written on request 

From Your Cloud Up Above 

You will never know how much you
were loved 
Unless you can look down from your
cloud up above
You will never know how much you 
are missed
and how I long each year to give you
a birthday kiss

Today is the anniversary of your 10th birthday
My lovely son Craig - why did they take
you away?
I talk to you and take you with me 
wherever I may be
Because you will always remain part
of me - can you see?

So happy birthday my son I hope you
are happy and loved
and have people to care for you in that
cloud up above
And on this day which is special the day
you were given to me for awhile
Look down for a moment and you will
see your mother looking up with a teary smile

by Margmax 2016