Verses & Poems by Margmax

Teachers Day here you will find poems/verses to show your favourite teacher how much you appreciate their efforts.

As today is Teacher's Appreciation Day
Why not send a greeting card showing your appreciation in a nice way
by Margmax 2012 

PLEASE NOTE! Poems for teachers/pupils leaving or retiring can be found at the link at bottom of this page and Get Well wishes for teachers in the Get Well Section 

The purpose of this day is to show appreciation of teachers. World Teacher's Day is on 5th October, however, this day is celebrated at different times throughout the year according to the country.

Here you will find a selection of poems which you could use on this day or any other occasion for your favourite teacher.

Margmax 2011 

As teacher's go your simply the best
And I should know as I often put you to the test
Your patience is beyond belief
Although your students often give you grief
So (name) I would like to thank you 
For teaching me the way you do

by Margmax 

To teach is not an easy task
You need patience to deal with all that is asked
But you (name) manage to do this so very well
That is why I would like to tell you "I think you are swell"
So thank you for teaching me the way that you do
No one can do it quite like you

by Margmax 

Teachers day well why not!

As we come to the end of this academic year
I would like to say to you no one can compare
With the way you manage to get lessons through to us
You do this so well without any fuss
So thank you for teaching me so I understand
In my book you are the best teacher in the land 

by Margmax 

Not everyone can like their teacher it's true
But (name) I know that you are admired by quite a few
Your lessons are a pleasure to behold
No selling needed, you win, I am sold 

by Margmax 

(Miss Smith) my mom chose this gift for you
Because I told her I loved you and I really do
You teach me to read and let me play
I like coming to school every day

by Margmax 

Miss Smith I like you
You show me lots of things to do
But I miss my mom when I am at school every day
So I am glad to have time off so I can stay at home and play

by Margmax 

I like school - well most of the time I do
and I am really happy to have a teacher like you
You are patient and kind and explain things really well
Indeed I would go so far to say you are kinda swell 

by Margmax 2013