Verses & Poems by Margmax

Seasonal Memorial Poems are for those family times when our loved ones cannot be with us to celebrate but are not forgotten. Use these with a floral tribute or a memorial card. 

We all miss our loved ones especially at seasonal times of the year
Which is why I have written these poems to show we care
So if you want to mark the memory of those gone
I hope these will help you so please choose one

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal memorial poems when you need a little help

Christmas Memorial Poems

Sad at Christmas 

At Christmastime it’s extra sad to
spend it without you
I think back to the one’s gone by
and all the things we would do
I am glad to have had those times
that made these memories it’s true
But every Christmas I still remember
the things that we would do.

by Margmax 2015 

I Wish for you Dad 

All wonderful things are what I wish for you wherever you may be
At Christmas and throughout the New Year I hope that you can see 
How much we all miss you now our Christmas is not the same
We still remember all the Christmases when we played those Christmas games

You always made Christmas special and welcomed everyone 
Our home was always crowded everyone wanted to come along
But no-one was excluded you always had the room
If anyone was feeling sad you soon took away their gloom

You dressed in a Santa suit - we all knew it was you
You acted Santa when we were small and for your grandchildren to
We try to keep the traditions which we gained from our dad
Can you see us trying? we are not doing too bad

So whoever is at your table now will have a wonderful time
Because they have our dad a person who is just so fine
So Happy Christmas Dad I think of you more at this time of year
Because I remember a man and a dad who just over spilled with care

by Margmax 2012

Mom - You Made Christmas

You made Christmas it was nothing without you
You made it so special with the things you would do
All the shopping, preparation and tasks every year
Only a mother could provide that much care

I try very hard to replicate the Christmastime of my childhood
So that my children can benefit and carry on tradition as they should
I don't always get it right I know
But I am getting better as each year goes

So my darling mom I hope heaven has parties like us
I can see you up there preparing and making a fuss
I will feel you around me as I do every year
A wonderful mother who gave wonderful care

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal Memorial Poems for those special times in life 

Friends are Forever

The friendship which we shared was very special it's true
We were always together, it was always me and you
I knew you forever and you knew me forever to
Who was it who decided it would end - not me and not you

When Christmas arrived we shopped, cooked and organized
We had lots of fun and spent more money than was wise
We raised our kids together they were more than just friends
We sailed along on life's sea and thought it would never end

All of a sudden we were pensioners doing pensioner things
But is was always together whatever life would bring
We took turns cooking the yearly Christmas lunch
Sometimes we could not be bothered and just made a brunch

But always together, always you and I 
Oh my dearest friend why did you have to die
So here we are again Christmas has arrived
Now I spend it alone until we are together again you and I

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal Memorial Poems when words may give a little comfort

To have you no longer in this 
world is hard every single day
But at special times like Christmas
I struggle with what to do and say
You were taken before your time 
my darling sweet child 
It left my life with an enormous 
void and a hurt I cannot hide

(name) I keep your name and memory in
all the things I do each day
It helps me, a little, but the sadness
will never go away
I hope that up in heaven you are
partying and loved
I pray that you are happy and with
family who are also there above.

by Margmax 2015 

Through the Pain 
Just now you cannot see through the pain
But life goes on and you will start to live again
At the moment you are plodding through a mist
Doing just what is necessary like ticking off a list

Day by day it will get easier I promise you it will
You will eventually see things clearer until ...
One day you will smile and sing a little song
I cannot tell you when but these things will come along

Then you will realize you have come through the pain
Because you will find you have started to live again

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal Memorial Poems when you need the right words

Easter Memorial Poems

At Easter time we remember the passing of Jesus
It also reminds us of our loved ones who have left us
So I shed a tear for God's son and other sons to
Because we have all lost someone important to me and to you

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal Memorial Poems because we don't forget 

Fathers Day Memorial 

On father's day every year
I still need to show how much I care
For a dad who was simply the best
And believe me I always put him to the test

So even though you are not here now to give your advice
You left behind a wealth of so much that was nice
So I hope I am carrying on your wisdom and fun
And it carries on through the generations and then some

by Margmax 2012 

I don't need father's day to think of you
Dad I think of you in almost everything I do
When you left me I was bereft
But I knew I would never forget

Your zest for life and the things you taught me
A wonderful parent all who knew you could see
So as I pay tribute to you on this day of the year
I hope you are looking down to see how much I care

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal Memorial Poems for the times you need comfort

Mothers Day Memorial Poems 

Mother’s Teachings

You taught me well I just want you to know
and I try to pass on your teachings to my kids as they grow
As a mom and a gran you were number one
It broke our hearts when from this earth you were gone

I hope you can look down on us from your cloud above
From there you will see how much you were loved
And as Mothers Day comes around once more
We will be saying a prayer for a mother who we still adore

By Margmax 2012 

seasonal memorial poems for mothers 

Mother - My Best Friend 

Every year on this day
I feel so sad because you went away
You were so important to my life
Always there when I needed you day or night

Not just a mother doing things that mothers do
But my best friend and confidant too
I miss you so I always will 
Because you left a void no-one can fill

Today when we celebrate Mothers Day 
It has mixed emotions in many a way
Childhood memories of Mothers days past and gone 
Brought up to date by your grandchildren’s new ones
Happy Mothers Day Mom 

By Margmax 2012 

Valentine Memorial Poems 

I'm glad I married you.
No-one else for me would do
We had many happy years
We argued but we loved and cared
And I am grateful for all the time we shared
Happy Valentine's Day my beloved

by Margmax 2012 

Seasonal memorial poems least we forget

You Took My Heart

From the start you took my heart 
I knew we would never part
We had our up's we had our down's
We had our laughs we had our frowns

Life sailed along like a lovely song
Until that day when it all went wrong
You left me, my life went astray
and now I'm alone every day

I look at photographs and shed a tear
Life now holds for me a lot of fear
Without you by my side 
I no longer have a friend to guide

My darling mate life dealt us our fate
No more for us a Valentine's date
But on this day since you've been gone
I raise a toast to our favourite song

by Margmax 2012