Verses & Poems by Margmax

Daughter Birthday Poems and verses will enable you to make your greeting cards and gift tags unique and special for a special person in your life. Any verse or poem which you may choose can be further adapted by adding your daughter's name or other intimate detail and remember these come free for non commercial use.

A daughter is special a joy to behold
and that is you my darling every day that unfolds
Your birthday each year gives me the chance to say
Happy birthday my daughter I love you more every day 
by Margmax 2012 

daughter birthday poems

Twenty tiny fingers, twenty tiny toes
You have always been our perfect little rose
Enjoy your birthday party with all your little friends
We will do our best to make it perfect until the day ends

by Margmax 2012 

Happy birthday little girl we hope you enjoy your day
We will do our very best to make it perfect in every way

by Margmax 

We love you, we love you, we love your loads
From your (long blonde hair) to your tiny toes
So today as the sun rises to start your birthday
We will try and make it perfect all of the way

by Margmax 

daughter birthday poems because they are special

Hey beautiful daughter have a wonderful day
Make your wishes and if I (we) had the power I (we) would make them stay

by Margmax 

My darling girl sometimes we despair 
You give us lots of joy which we can share
But you also give us lots of worry which makes us very cross
I suppose it makes a balance and it's not all profit or loss
You know we love you lots that is plain to see
So today on your birthday lots of love from dad and me

by Margmax 

We often wonder where you are as you forget to say
We worry if you do not come home and stay out all day
We have worried from the day you were born that's what parents do
We worry because you are our child and we love you
So today on your birthday please try very hard
To make the day worry free from the very start

by Margmax 

You make my world really shine
I love you so much - but I think you know
So lots of love today from the word go

by Margmax 

daughter birthday poems for your child

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful girl
We love you so but you have our life in a whirl
Your rooms a mess, the bathroom is never free
But one day this will happen to you just you wait and see

by Margmax 

Twinkle twinkle little star
Shining in the sky so far
Look upon our little girl especially today
Because she is our star and we love her every day

by Margmax 

A little bit of magic I'm sending you today
For wishes that your birthday is perfect in everyway 
You are a lovely person of whom I'm proud to say 
This is my lovely daughter who's wonderful in everyway

by Margmax 2011 

Daughter mine I am so glad that you are in my life

it adds pleasure to my days, and comfort to my nights

the years have not been easy
 life has it's ups and downs

but for the time that lies ahead 
here's wishing smiles not frowns

Today upon your birthday, which I have marked every year

an extra special wish, one I get to share

my wish upon your birthday, is every mother's thought

that you have health and happiness, as these cannot be bought

by Margmax 2010 

I have recently received a request for a half year birthday poem for a daughter whose birthday is a Christmas time having no other details I wrote the following two poems:-

Darling girl it is just not fair
for your birthday to be shared every year
Shared with the biggest religious festive event
Making it overshadowed is not what we meant

Who says birthdays should be celebrated only once a year
Let us start a tradition just to show how much we care
We will celebrate your extra half year in the summertime
So happy half birthday let the celebrations shine

by Margmax 2012

Today you have reached a half way spot
Mammy and Daddy want you to know they love you a lot
So our darling little girl happy half way to (four) birthday
We wish you a day full of fun, laughter and play

by Margmax 2012 

A daughter is a precious gift
A companion and a friend
Sometimes there can be little rifts
But it always comes right in the end

I think back to the day when I give birth to you
my beautiful baby girl so precious and so new
Life has it's up's and down's but through it all
I knew 
I would fight to protect my little girl and that is still true

Happy Birthday my love x x 

by Margmax 

daughter birthday poems because a daughter is forever

Daughters are a pleasure and I know that is true
For all the years I treasure that I have spent with you
Today on your birthday as all the ones before
I wish you love and happiness because no-one could love you more

by Margmax 2013