Verses & Poems by Margmax
Teenage Funny Poems and verses are ideal for letting adults know how you feel in an amusing way. Although these are written from a teenager's viewpoint you can adapt them to send to a teenager in a birthday card or gift tag. 

Being a teenager can be fun - or not
It's a bit inbetweenie neither cold nor hot
Well you have to go through awkward stages
and you are not allowed to go into rages

Then there's the boring things like exams and spots
Don't know why we have to put up with that lot
So I will just bide my time 
Until I'm 20 and in my I will be in my prime
by Margmax 2012 

Teenage Funny Poems

I have entered my teens - no longer a kid
Not to be ordered around at parents bid
I can make decisions which I consider are good
After all it’s my life so I think that I should

I don’t think mom and dad will see it the same
No doubt when things go wrong I will still get the blame
But it will not be long until I am free of school
Then life will start won’t that be cool

I will drive a fast car and stay out until late
Get up when I want and choose my own mate
I will have a job which pays me really wellI just cannot wait won’t life be swell

by Margmax 2011 

As a teenager you get blamed for many things 
If you are in a group people think trouble is what you bring
If you wear a top with a hood you are looked at with suspicion
They do not see it as fashion did they not have their traditions

Of course there are gangs which cause havoc and fear
They are just as scary to me I want to make that clear
So don’t judge all teenagers as being the same
Because many are normal and really quite tame

Teenagers have problems and worries just like you
They have to start making plans for a future deciding what to do
If you try to remember back to that time in your life
You may recall as a teenager you often felt strife

by Margmax 2011 

I cannot believe it - I am thirteen - not a kid anymore
I can go places on my own and have a key for the front door
I can stay up and not be sent to bed at a ridiculous hour
I can choose my own clothes and wear any colour

I can eat when I want and eat what I choose
I can use the stove if I want I really can’t loose
I can wear the same tee shirt for a whole week
But I will change it when mom says it’s beginning to reek

Yes being a teenager is going to be fun
Seven whole years before serious stuff has to be done
So very happy birthday to me on this 13th birthday
Welcome teenage years beginning today

by Margmax 2011 

Welcome teenage years I have waited for you for so long
Now life will be better that you have come along
No longer a little kid to be ordered around
Oh it’s going to be great life will be so sound

by Margmax 2011 

Teenage Funny Poems 

It's birthday time ain't that great
All that know you would not dare forget this date
So write the wish list make sure everyone is aware
That today is your birthday and they need to show how much they care

by Margmax 2011 

I have waited for this birthday with high
A birthday that will surely deserve a huge celebration
After all being a teenager must count as special and deserve
special treatment
So I trust Ma and Pa have been gift shopping and their wallets are spent

So here it is the day has arrived
Can I contain my excitement will I survive
All the fuss and the gifts and the wishes conveyed
Because today is my day and I think I have got it made

by Margmax 2014