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Welcome to Funeral Poems which brings you material in the form of free printable short poems, verses suitable to read out at a funeral, include in the order of service, incorporate in a eulogy or write in a sympathy card or card accompanying wreath. Poems are here for grandparents, parents, child, aunt, uncle, sister, brother and friend but many can be amended to personalise and are for non commercial use. You may also wish to look at Thinking of you/sympathy one liners.

Every morning when I wake I feel a void inside 
Because you are no longer here, no longer by my side
I know that we all have a time to go
But it does not lessen my hurt because I love you so

I think about the good times and also about the sad
For the time we spent together I have to be very glad 
I hope there is an afterlife and you are happy there
With this thought in my mind it makes the loss easier to bear
by Margmax 2012 

funeral poems 

Funeral Poems 
Please also check Funeral Eulogy for tips and ideas and eulogy poem

The first 4 entries were written by me when I lost my sister who loved to shop:-

First entry was to accompany notice of death in the press 

You closed your eyes without a fuss
And fell asleep and went from us
We hope you are looking from above
To see how much you were loved

by Margmax 2010 

funeral poems for time when we need a little help

Next 3 entries were on the cards of the wreaths

Anne, my (sister) I will think of you every day
We faced a lot together in our different ways
I hope you found our loved one's wherever you may be
And that there's plenty shops where everything is free
(And when my time comes you have saved a place for me)

by Margmax 2010 

Our mam - our rock
Always there for us - our mam 
In our hearts always

by Margmax 2010 

Nana we miss you more than words can say
And we really wish you hadn't had to go away
Love you Kaylie, Robyn and Alex

by Margmax 2010 

funeral poems helping to say the words in your heart

These are suitable for a partner

I am so, so sad you had to go away
I prayed you would stay for many a day
Without you my life will be a shell
I know I will not cope very well
You were my partner, my love, my mate
How can I go on with a life I now hate
If there is a life beyond this one we know
Please keep a place at your side for when it's my time to go

by Margmax 2011

I feel my world has ended I cannot see how I can survive
To live without my (soulmate) I can only exist and hide
Life can be wonderful but it also is so cruel as it is now
I am told time will make things easier but I cannot see how
We cannot live forever death happens to us all
But even tho' we know that it is hard when time does call
Please stay beside me let me feel that you are near
Give me your strength to go on until we meet again my dear

by Margmax 2011 

funeral poems to give you the strength to cope

Your time had come they keep telling me
I would not want you to suffer but I cannot see
Why we had to be parted at this time
You were not old you should still be fine
My prayer is now that there is another life
And you are waiting there for me my darling wife

by Margmax 2011 

Why did they take you away?
You were my sunshine now there are only black days
We have been together for a long time
Now I am alone and you are no longer mine
My darling (husband) I still need you so
Please stay beside me please don't go

by Margmax 2011 

I know you were in pain and the pain is now gone

And of course I did not want you to suffer it went on far too long
But now I am in pain my heart is aching so so much
And you are not beside me to lean on as my crutch
I pray there is a better place than this earthly one we know
If there is, you will be there, so please wait for me when I go

by Margmax 2011 

Funeral Poems helping you bare the grief

Life gives us such heavy loads it's really hard to bare
But please remember there are folk around who are happy to share - because they care

by Margmax 2011 

funeral poems for when words are hard to find

Loss of Child/Baby

I think the worst loss must be losing a child and I feel the sentiments felt may well be as in the following poems ... 

My heart is broken, it will never mend
To lose one's child, is life at an end 
All my days and nights are now so so black
I do not know how to survive, I know I will crack
Time, I am told by everyone is the key
That with time things will get easier for me
I cannot see it, nor can I see
Why my child was taken away from me

by Margmax 2010

Funeral Poems hoping you find help here

Part of Me

You were part of me
and you always will be
Wherever you are now
Just look and see how
The light has gone from our home
Baby things now looking so alone
A mother with a broken heart
Because from her child she had to part

No words can comfort only time
Will help to lessen the hurt that's mine
To hold my baby in my arms once more
The child I yearned for and will ever adore
I can only hope the family I have in heaven above
Will care for my child with a mother's love
So as I struggle to get through this time
My darling child one day again you will be mine

by Margmax 2012 

In life we have many loads to bear
and to lose someone for whom we care
Is a loss so hard to accept - how do we move on
When it’s our child it seems so wrong

I feel for you I really do
No words on earth could comfort you
A mother’s love is unconditional as we know
May you find a seed of peace in time to grow

Written for Bev by Margmax 2012

the following written for my friend who lost her son in tragic circumstances ... 

No words are adequate to say to you
For your child to go before you do
Is a terrible burden for a mother to bare
because only a mother can understand and care

Don’t think about the future just face a day at a time
Although I know things will never again be fine
When you need a shoulder, a hug or just an ear
Marilyn my friend just call me for as long as I am here.

by Margmax 2013 

There are no words to comfort
a mother who loses a child, I know
You have watched over your 
children as the grow
I am so sorry this day has arrived
is all I can say
May you gain the strength to cope
day by day.

by Margmax 2015 

funeral poems for when sad times hit you 

for a grandchild

My dear friend's daughter has recently lost her baby having to give birth at 31 weeks to a perfect little girl they are heartbroken leading me to write this for my friend:

How can you make sense to a mother that her child has died
How can you give a reason why it was not born alive
Why would God give life then snatch it away
Before your child has even survived a single day

Taken with that tiny baby is a part of you
That will stay with you forever no matter what you do
And when that grieving mother is your own child
You ache for them both as your own grief you put to one side

by Margmax 2012 

funeral poems hoping you find a little comfort 

The following are suitable for the loss of a parent...

You suffered for too long I'm glad it's at an end
I watched you every day but I could do nothing to mend
I prayed that your pain would stop 
But for a long time it did not

Now your suffering is at an end
But will my heart ever mend
I miss you so and I hope you know
My darling (mother/wife etc) I am sad that you had to go

by Margmax 2012 

Funeral Poems wishing you the strength to cope

You were always there when I was a child and when I had a child
When I stumbled, when I made mistakes, from you nothing could I hide
My darling mum, what will I do now?
I need to cope and I do not know how
I miss you so you were always the centre of my life
That life now has a black cloud that has engulfed me oh so tight

by Margmax 2011 

funeral poems for difficult times 

I came to you when I was small to sort out all my woes
And that was a path I treaded as I continued to grow
"My dad will sort it" became a very familiar phrase
A phrase I now mumble as I stumble in a haze
I was so lucky to be given you as a dad
So for all the years we were together I must be very glad
Please know that I will miss you dad more than words can say
I hope there is another life so I see you again one day

by Margmax 2011 

Mum (Dad) I do not know how I will cope without you by my side
I do not know how I will manage without your hand to guide
I cannot see the reason you went away from me
How can I go on without you there to see
All of my achievements and all of my mistakes
Oh Mum (Dad) how my heart aches
I am told you will be around me and that I will know
But darling wonderful mum(dad) of mine why did they let you go

by Margmax 2011 

funeral poems for brother/sister

To lose a sibling is losing part of you
You grew up together you have the same things which you do
It's a gap that is there for the rest of your life
It just keeps striking at you like a sharp knife
I loved you so much although I did not say
So I hope you can see because I miss you every day

by Margmax 2011 

I have lost my (sister/brother) how will I cope?
They say time will help but all I can do is mope
You have always been there whenever I needed you
Now when I need you what can I do

Maybe I didn't show you how much I cared
I thought you knew because of all the things that we shared
If you can see me now and the things that I do
My wonderful sister/brother you will see how I so miss you

by Margmax 2011 

for difficult times - funeral poems 

funeral poems for Aunt/Uncle

You were my aunt but you were my friend
Nurturing, supporting a substitute parent to the end
I think you know I loved you although I didn't say
And I will miss you more than any words can convey

by Margmax 

My (mom)(dad) has lost her sibling but I have lost a friend
A friend who supported and cared to the very end
I hope you know I loved you because it was not macho to say 
Uncle (Fred) I will miss you more with every passing day

by Margmax 

Funeral poems for a friend

My friend I will miss you more than words can say
You have been a wonderful friend in every possible way
A friend I could rely on a friend who was always there 
All our joys, worries and troubles we always did share
Now my life has a hole that will not go away
So dear (name) sleep well until we meet again one day

by Margmax 2010

Funeral poems for family and friends 

The lord took you from us it really was unfair
He wanted you with him no matter how we cared
We hope that it is a better place that he has taken you to
Because our place is empty, empty without you

by Margmax 2011

I valued your friendship I hope that you knew
Because friends like you are far to few
I am so sad that the time has come for our friendship to end
God bless you and look after you (Joyce) my dear friend

by Margmax 2012 

This is such a sad difficult time for you we just wanted to say
How sad we are for all of you that brave lovely lady had to go away

by Margmax 2011

No words can comfort the way you must feel
It is only the length of time that helps you begin to heal

by Margmax 2011 

Funeral Poems when words are difficult

Funeral Poems when words don't come easy

Funeral poems for Grandparents

My special grandmother there is now a big gap
It can never be filled no-one could do that
You looked after your family always their rock
Having to lose you would always be a shock
I know you will be watching us all from up above
We will still hear your words and still feel your love

by Margmax 2011 

Nana we will miss you ever so much
You were always around supporting and looking after us
We can never forget the time spent with you
Your patience and love and the days out to
We will feel you around us forgotten you could never be
And we know you will still guide us although we cannot see

by Margmax 2011 

Grandma where have you gone
I miss you and I have not seen you for so long
Mammy said you have gone to heaven because you were ill
But Grandma I would have kissed you better and you would be here still

by Margmax 2011 

funeral poems condolences at this sad times

Grandfather you were a very special man
The head of your family helping out whenever you can
You never were a person who would make a fuss
So you did not know how special you were to us
You will be missed more than you could ever know
We know why God wanted you but we are so sad you had to go

by Margmax 

Grandpa I miss you already what will I do
I have lost my playmate, my friend my wonderful you
Mammy says you were ill and you had to go away
But Grandpa who will now make up our games to play

by Margmax 

funeral poems I wish you strength to see you through this time 

For a Teacher

As a teacher you were the best 
You really cared and stood out above the rest
I never saw goodbye being this way
I always thought you would be here like any other day

This school has lost a role model that cannot be replaced
And I have lost a teacher in far too much haste
Your lessons will remain with me all my life
So please look down and see this as we say goodnight

by Margmax 2011 

You will be missed that is sure
For all our problems you had a cure
This school will never be the same
It will always echo your name

by Margmax 2011 

funeral poems may you gain strength at this time

General Funeral Poems 

He thought he was invincible and would always prove the doctors wrong
Many times he did but now he's out of it's destructive harm
You did all you were asked and could not have done more
May he be at peace as death opens another door

by Margmax 2012 

God Took You 

God took you and I don't know why
But I am heartbroken that you had to die
I feel so alone now you are gone
Wait for me because I will be along

God took you to be with him
My view of this is very dim
I did not want to let you go
And why you did only he would know

God took you and it's broke my heart
After all these years we are now apart
One day I hope we will be together again
I pray for this and hope my prayers are not in fain

by Margmax 2012 

Funeral Poems 
You fought a long brave fight although you were in pain
Now you are at peace free from pain and whole again
We will always feel you near and hear your voice in our head
We hope you are in a better place and we will remember what you said

by Margmax 2012 

A Better Place 

Death feels so final and yet will come to us all
We have to believe there is a better life that is to call
That we will meet all our loved one's in a better place
And they will be waiting to help us with a new life to face

That the life we are to live after this one on earth
Is an Eden of Paradise, a wonderful re-birth
No illness, no anger or death awaits us there
Only peace and tranquility with all our loved one's to share
Believing these things helps us to accept our fate
Because our life on earth expires at the given date
So at this time of sadness try to believe
Your loved one has only left for awhile so for awhile only grieve

by Margmax 2012 

funeral eulogy poems

Grieve for me when I am no more
But remember the life I lived I implore

My physical body you can no longer see
But remember how you knew me

Remember the good times and not the bad
And take time to smile even tho' you may feel sad

Your life may now have an empty space
But I am still around even tho" you can no longer see my face

So grieve for me but not too long
Because life has to keep going on

by Margmax 2011 

I never liked to walk alone 
But this journey I must make on my own

So send me off with a smile and a wave
I promise I will try to be very brave

Have a drink for me in fact have a few
Make new friends amongst the people I knew

And when this day comes to an end
Mourn me no more but remember me my friend

by Margmax 2011 

We will miss you on the golf course and in the club house to 
A popular club member who enjoyed a game or two
You will have seen the club flag lowered and drank a few farewell toasts
Now you are in a new club where God is now your host

by Margmax 2011 

If there is a golf course in heaven we know that is where you will be
Meeting other past members arranging who is first off the tee
I am sure your games in heaven will be perfect as the course will be first class
May you continue perfecting your game and continue raising your glass

by Margmax 2011 

Forget me Not Poems

Forget me not when I am gone
Remember me but let life go on
Life is a circle that we all must do
It ends for us all it has to

Remember me with laughter and love
Be sure I will look down from above
I will be there with you when life is tough
I would not dessert you when things are rough

So forget me not because I love you so
But be sure that I will never let you go
I will be here forever just look and you will find
I am everywhere in your heart and in your mind

by Margmax 2012 

Forget me not even though I am not at your side
I am still with you I am here for the long ride
People come into our lives and do not always stay
But I am always just a prayer away

Just think of me if you need to hear my voice
Talk to me I will help you make that choice
I will never forget the time we have spent together
Those memories will be there forever

So although you may now be away from me
I am always here for you just think of me and you will see
And when the time comes for us to be together again
I am waiting for you free from any pain 

by Margmax 2012 

I recently lost my aunt and as she was the only aunt I had left it felt a bigger loss

As a child Aunts and Uncles I had many
Now you have gone I no longer have any
We recently talked about those long gone days
Of the parties and do’s and family’s quirky ways

If there is a life when this one is done
I hope they had a party ready and you had fun
I really hope the talk of a next life is true
Then in the future we will again meet you

by Margmax 2014 

Time to Leave 

It is so very difficult to think of
this life gone
That from this mortal earth we will
no longer belong
So when we lose a loved one
our thoughts go to a life beyond
and we picture our loved one in
a better world than this mortal one

We tell ourselves that when our 
own time comes to leave
Once again we will be united with
our loved ones that we grieve
These thoughts are a comfort 
helping us through our grief
But until we reach this time it 
remains just a belief 

Today I lost (my mother/sister etc)
my heart feels broken in two
Time will make it easier but I have
to believe one day I will join you
That our family will once again be
complete as when I was a child
and that our family life will go back
to us living side by side

So this is not goodbye but only
farewell until we meet once more
When you can take care of me as
you did before
So have a cuppa ready when it’s
time for us to meet 
We will have a lot to chat about so
keep me a seat

by Margmax 2015 

To lose a sibling is losing part of you
You grew up together you have the same
things which you do
It’s a gap that is there and never goes
Only time will help so take things day by day

You have support around you seek and you
will find
People who will bridge that gap some folk 
can be very kind
Your family unit has been dealt another hefty
It’s very hard to bear but life is hard we know

May you take some comfort in the thought 
that your mum and sister are together once again
Shopping and having fun and all free from pain
Look at your children and remember in them 
your family lives on 
Because the family genes just go on and on.

by Margmax 2015