Verses & Poems by Margmax

Children Christmas Poems and verses for the approach of Santa Claus. Let your favourite child know you are thinking about them as Christmas morning draws near by sending the a greeting card with a special verse just for them. Also good for gift tags. 

Santa knows if you are naughty or good 
So he knows how many presents he should
leave for you on Christmas day
Because every time you are naught he takes one away
So make sure you get a sack full
By being good and very careful
by Margmax 2012 

Children Christmas Poems

Santa Claus is a magical man 
All year round he follows his plan
With his elves he makes the toys
So Christmas is special for all girls and boys

Please don’t forget to leave Santa a treat
He needs all the strength to stay on his feet
Remember the reindeers who pull Santa’s sleigh
And then I am sure you will have a wonderful Christmas Day

by Margmax 2011 

I am sure you have given Santa your list
Hoping that nothing will be missed
So here is a wish that you get all that you deserve
With a few extra gifts just for a reserve

by Margmax 2011 

Fairy Lights twinkling on the tree
It’s that magical time of year for everybody
Santa’s job soon will be done once more
And all the children will have toys galore

So say your prayers on Christmas eve
So Santa does not forget to leave
All the toys that you have wished for
To make your Christmas one that you adore

by Margmax 2011 

Children Christmas Poems for that magical time of year

Children Christmas poems for that special little person 

Can you hear the sleigh bells tinkling in the sky?
Santa has his job to do just like you and I
His work cannot start until everyone’s asleep
So make sure you are in bed and down your chimney he will creep

by Margmax 2011 

Rudolph leads Santa’s sleigh with his bright red nose
Santa does not tell him he just seems to know
The houses where children are waiting to see
What Santa has in his sack to bring down the chimney
I hope your Christmas is as special as can be 
Lots of love to you from (Grandpa) and me 

by Margmax 2011 

I hope Santa got your letter in plenty of time
For his elves to make on their production line
It's not long now until he makes his deliveries on Christmas eve
So soon you will know if your letter was received

I am sure he will not get it wrong and things will be fine
Because Santa is a very special man and very very kind
So have a wonderful Christmas day
Not forgetting to thank Santa along the way

by Margmax 2011 

There are (6) days left until Christmas day
So Santa will be very busy filling his sleigh
No doubt he has read all the letters from all the girls and boys
Making out his lists of all the requested toys

His elves will be working overtime
To make sure all the toys are off the production line
They will be looking forward to Christmas day
For a well earned rest and for time to play

by Margmax 2011 

Christmas eve will soon be here and Santa will make his call
I hope that you have sent your list I bet it is not small
Have you been well behaved so that no presents have been crossed off your list
I am sure you have been good as gold and not one of them will be missed

So enjoy your Christmas morning will all the things it brings
I am sure you will be happy with all you new Christmas things
Do not forget to leave Santa Claus a drink and a snack
To give him some energy to carry his heavy sack. 

by Margmax 2013 

When my children were small every Christmas eve my son would be so excited he would try very hard to go to sleep but his excitement and imagination prohibited this and he would actually hear sleigh bells. Although he now has a son of his own I still remember and this has prompted the following addition to children Christmas poems 

Shh .. can you hear Santa?
he is getting very near
Sleigh bells are ringing 
I am sure I can hear
You must go to sleep 
or Santa cannot call
then you will have no gifts
not any presents at all

So my children try very hard
to drift into the land of sleep
I know you are excited but remember
Santa has a schedule to keep
He has so many children to visit
on this night
So if he has to miss you out 
you would be disappointed - right?

So shh my children sleep now 
close your eyes tight
Santa needs to visit you soon
and if you are awake he will take fright
Then he will vanish before your gifts 
are under the Christmas tree
and then you would be very sad and
that would really spoil the day for all of us you see

by Margmax 2013

Christmas time is a magical time
you can feel it in the air
A time for wishes and dreams 
no other time can compare 
So make your wish list write it
down be sure not to forget
Because wishes can come true if 
you believe should we make it a bet

by Margmax 2014 

We have done the Christmas parties
the Christmas tree is done
Now it's time for Santa Claus to visit
to start off the day's fun
So sleep is now the order of what we
need to do
Because until you go to sleep Santa 
cannot visit you

by Margmax 2014 

For a Baby's First Christmas Day

Little girl/boy this will be your
first Christmas day
We hope you enjoy the new toys coming
your way
Santa will pick them especially for you
As he will not have your wish list unless
(James) writes one for you to

by Margmax 2015 

Are you counting the days?
it’s getting very near
Yes Santa is packing his sleigh
the day will soon be here
Have you been good?
I do hope so
Because each time you misbehave
a present has to go

by Margmax 2016 

Santa is in his workshop
making lots of toys
He is very very busy 
So he has no disappointed
girls and boys
Sometimes we cannot get
everything we would like
Sometimes we receive a 
substitute like a scooter 
instead of a bike

Sending you wishes (Bradley) 
that you receive lots of asked for things
and that Christmas is a magic time 
I wonder what Santa brings.....

by Margmax 2016