Verses & Poems by Margmax

Funny Love Poems or him and her. Amusing poems ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines or just to let the one you fancy know your feelings.

When I first saw you I felt a sharp pain
Was it cupid’s arrow - no just a varicose vein
I could not wait to see you anxious for your touch
But now my bank account is empty you owe me so much

But love is blind so I have heard it said
I really must stop wearing my glasses on the top of my head
You say I am an angel sent from heaven above
I think I must be if this is what is called love
by Margmax 2012 

I will hold onto you if you hold onto me
That way we will not part you see
We will stick together like super glue
And become one instead of two

I will tickle your fancy if you tickle mine
We can tickle while supping a glass of wine
and if I spill any of the wine on you
I will lick it up and you can do the same to

I will be here for you if you are there for me
and together we will never be lonely you see
We can spend all our time as a couple instead of one
Life can be sweet when you have a loved one

by Margmax 2012

I saw you and wham bam that was it 
My stomach and other bits took a hit
My words would not come out of my mouth
So there I stood but without a doubt

Here was my future wrapped up in you
From now on no-one else would do
This may sound corny but it’s true
You do it for me do I do it for you?

by Margmax 2012 

You pulled my strings and boy did I twang
My head exploded with a big bang
I will play your fiddle if you dance to my tune
and we can make hay by the light of the moon

So what say you are you in tune with me
Can we live a life quite happily 
Are you up for giving it a whirl 
All it takes is a boy and a girl 

by Margmax 2012

Funny Love Poems say it is an amusing way

Will you be my honey bun
If you will we can have some fun
We can enjoy doing lots of things together
and it will not matter about the weather

We can do things when the sun is bright
and similar things when the weather is a fright
Just being with you will be my delight
Every single day and night

by Margmax 2012 

I will buy you flowers every day
It may be old fashioned but if it works that's OK
I will wine and dine you as much as I can
Because your that kind of girl and I'm that kind of man

I will whisk you off on romantic breaks
I will go into debt if that's what it takes
Don't you agree we make a perfect pair
Who can sail into the future with a life to share

by Margmax 2012 

Tell him you love him in a funny love poem way

Ring my bell, flip my switch
either one, I don’t care which
Day or night give me a call
send a word big or small

Flash me a smile, give me hope
Wait any longer and I won’t cope
You and me would be good to see
Don’t you think we would be so cutey

Arm in arm we could sail along
Together we can face rough and calm
We could be like glue me and you
If you just fancy saying “I do”

by Margmax 2013