Verses & Poems by Margmax

Birthstone Poems are the ideal verse to use in your greeting or gift cards. They will make your card extra special especially if accompanied by a suitable birthstone gift. These verses are free for non commercial use.

To give the birthday girl her birthstone as a gift
In a bit of jewelry will surely give a girl a lift
So here you can find what you need to do this
and I guarantee you will receive a thank you kiss 
by Margmax 2012 

JANUARY - Garnet

The rich ruby red of the garnet looks warm and inviting it’s true
But Garnet is derived from the word pomegranate and has other colours in it too
In fact the Garnet is a crystal said to give protection and courage to the wearer
Warriors going to battle in the middle ages embedded them in their shields so such a gift given is from a generous carer

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems are ideal to use with your birthstone gift

FEBRUARY - Amethyst

A royal coloured stone of mauve to purple making it a jeweller’s delight
But it's also a popular crystal protecting the wearer day and night
Derived from the greek word amethustos protecting the wearer from evil and harm
You will be happy to wear an amethyst looking good, protected and calm

by Margmax 2011 

MARCH - Aquamarine and Bloodstone 

Derived from the latin of Seawater hence the colour of blue to green
A stone used in healing for sinus and emotions and general well being
Said to be a favorite of mermaids and protection for sailors on the sea
So I am sure you will be happy with your birthstone now that you know the key

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems - what a good idea to includ a birthstone poem in your greeting card


Also known as Heliotrope it can be bright to dark green
It may also hold red specks often hard to be seen
Heliotrope is derived from greek meaning solstice said to have healing ways
For emotional and physical wellbeing so a good stone for birthdays

by Margmax 2011 

APRIL - Diamond 

The white clear transparent diamond depicts riches treasured by women worldwide
But diamonds can be black, yellow, red, pink, green or brown a fact most women would deny
Derived from the greek word adamas meaning invincible, the ultimate protector linked to Venus the Roman goddess of love 
The hardest known mineral we have, resistant to scratches and used in therapies to protect as it never needs recharging from the powers above

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems - if you cannot afford the real thing why not choose copy of it

MAY - Emerald 

Derived from the Greek word Beryllos meaning simply green stone
A favorite stone for jewellery and for many areas in healing however it’s not on it’s own
I am sure you are happy to have an emerald as a symbol of your day
So make it known on your birthday wish list it’s emeralds all the way 

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems 

JUNE - Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite 

Pearl is a symbol of feminine wisdom and we think of them being white
But pearls come in many colours from pink to black as night
Pearls are said to bring out the best in us and are often the choice of brides on their wedding day
I think it is more to do with the simplicity of the creamy white of the pearls making them perfect for your birthday 

by Margmax 2011 

The Moonstone originates from Sri Lanka and is a transparent pale blue 
However from India it can be beige-brown, green, orange or brown to 
It is the stone of emotional balance, wishes and intuition, fertility and growth
A choice between a Moonstone or a pearl as a birthstone why not have them both

by Margmax 2011 

Named after Russian Tsar Alexander II a young gemstone very rare
So if you receive this birthstone as a gift the giver sure does care
Special because it changes colour blueish green in daylight purplish red in incandescent light
Treasure this stone as it brings value into your life

by Margmax 2011 

JULY - Ruby 

The Ruby can be pinkish to red but we always think of it as the saying “ruby red”
Ancients considered it came from the sun and gave life force and fire so it’s said
A birthstone such as this would no doubt deserve a hug and a kiss
But if you are single treat yourself you don’t need a Mr to own this

by Margmax 2011

AUGUST - Peridot, Sardonyx 

Coloured vivid green the peridot is an ideal summer stone for jewellery wear 
Also known as Olivine and Chrysolite a good gift choice to show you care
It was chosen by ancient egyptians because of it’s healing powers worn as jewellery to ward off evil spirits it’s proclaimed
So for a summer birthday a peridot should be a one to be claimed

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems - a gift idea


Sardonyx is derived from Greek translating to reddish brown veined gem
Worn as talismans by Roman Soldiers engraved with brave war heroes thus believing the bravery would pass onto them
A stone of protection and strength which attracts good fortune and friends
What a wonderful birthstone to have for the properties it sends 

by Margmax 2011 

SEPTEMBER - Sapphire 

Sapphire is from the Sanskrit word Sani meaning Saturn and are mostly deep blue to black but can come in other colours to 
Sapphire is associated with love, joy, prosperity and fidelity and is said to be the gem of the sky because of it’s colour blue
How wonderful to have a birthstone with the properties of the heavens above
and of all it’s joyous properties one of them which is love

by Margmax 2011 

OCTOBER - Opal, Pink Tourmaline 

Multi coloured white background believed to be the most powerful healing stone amongst many other things
Also the stone of love but only to faithful lovers said to bring misfortune on an unfaithful lover who has flings
So if given by your lover be sure that you are true
As your opal may find you out but if may find him out to

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems nice touch in your gift card

Pink Tourmaline
Found in many places around the world but one of the few gemstones USA is famous for producing mainly pink which is birthstone for October
No two tourmalines are the same and their colour can change with the light which is why it suits all moods and is said to be the gemstone of friendship and love so a good gift for her
An old egyptian legend states that due to the long journey the tourmaline had from the centre of the earth it passed over a rainbow and is still known today as the gemstone of the rainbow
So why not give your loved one(friend) a gift that is known for its rainbow colours and pick a colour that for them will glow

by Margmax 2011 

NOVEMBER - Citrine, Yellow Topaz

Named after the french word Citron which simply means yellow and also called yellow quartz 
In ancient times they believed it warded off snake venom and also evil thoughts 
Your loved one(friend) may not have a use for warding off snake venom but could find nice yellow birthstone fun
What better on a dark November day birthday then a cheerful bright bit of jewellery the colour of the sun

by Margmax 2011 

Yellow Topaz

Was used by many nationalities in different meanings, the Egyptian's connected it with their sun god Ra
In India and Europe it was connected with the planet Jupiter, in Mexico to ascertain the truth and in Africa bushmen used it to connect with the spirits from afar
So if you wish jewellery that is spiritual than the Yellow Topaz is a good choice for a November birthday
So wear a bit of sunshine, the colour of spring flowers or of fresh mowen hay 

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems how thoughtful 

DECEMBER - Blue Topaz, Turquoise

Blue Topaz
Topaz comes in a variety of colours it is true but if your birthday is December than blue is the topaz for you
Blue Topaz became widespread only in the past century and has to be irradiated and heat treated to artificially create the colour blue
So of your two birthstones December blue topaz is a good choice for you
Or if you cannot decide have the other one to 

by Margmax 2011 


Turquoise is an ancient powerful stone mined from 3000bc by the egyptian's and greatly revered as a sacred stone by Tibetan Shamans and the persian empire
So a good birthstone with powerful roots fulfilling all your desire
Many cultures consider it protective bestowing health and strength to the wearer but if the gem changed colour the prophesy was doom 
Turquoise can change colour but fear not the change is due to sunlight or acid in the skin and does not impend doom

by Margmax 2011 

Birthstone Poems surprise the birthday girl