Verses & Poems by Margmax
Simply poems is simply that - a collection of poems


This little old lady sitting here
Stuck in time often shedding a tear
It's hard to see she was once pretty and bright
As now she just sits there looking a sight
A post war baby and a sixty's teenager
Brought up in a time when changes were major
Mini skirts, coffee bars, rock and roll
No-one in her youth was on the dole
You could change your job whenever it suited
Plenty to choose from you need not be rooted
A wife and a mother she did her best
But best is not always enough and she stood the test
Her life was not easy there were many bad times
Which is why she often scribbled thoughts in rhymes
But time goes by quicker than you ever think
Her life almost finished she'll soon be extinct

by Margmax 2010

Simply poems subjects I feel about 

simply poems are just that simply poems I wanted to write 


My son ever since you were born I have done my very best
I have tried to shelter you from harm and make any hurt seem less
When you are sad, I am sad, when you cry I cry to
It breaks my heart so very much that I cannot seem to shelter you
My words and arms are not big enough to take away your pain
No matter how I try to help it now seems all in vain
Nothing but nothing is so bad that it cannot be put right
It only takes some searching, thought and talking to find the answer to a plight
No matter what you do or how disappointed I may be with you
You are my son, the product of my love, I am always here for you and you should be here for your mother to

by Margmax 1992 


The daylight is getting longer Spring is on it's way
Oh how I look forward to the long summer days
Once Christmas has run it's course and the celebrations come to an end
The winter days that follow drive you around the bend

So lets look forward to the spring when the days are lighter
With the promise of summer when we hope the sun shines brighter
And it always seems to be that summer days are longer
With the promise of sunshine making us feel stronger

So lets look forward to the summer with longer lighter days
Even though we grumble when the sun often forgets to show it's rays
But don't forget Autumn when the leaves change colour and fall
It may look very pretty but we know winter will soon call

So we have come a whole circle in the space of this poem
All of us another year older in this one little zone
Time is sometimes our enemy and sometimes our friend
But it ticks steadily over from our beginning to our end

by Margmax 2011

Simply poems simply because I wanted to 


Ladies raise your voices and your skills
Look back at the history of women of strong wills 
We no longer live in a time when men rule
Women have brains and can no longer be fooled

Remember your sisters who felt so strong
They risked their lives to right things that were wrong
So never throw those hard fought for votes away
Celebrate your International Women's Day

by Margmax 2011 

Ladies today is your day so what
you going to do?
Whatever it is make sure it’s just
for you?
Hit the shops, laze around, eat
chocolate all day
‘Cause today is International Woman’s
Day so do it your way

by Margmax 2014

Simply poems maybe you will like them 

My Solution..

Rain, rain you are really getting a bit of a pain
When, or will summer ever appear again
The odd day of summer is becoming the norm
Summer days are now cold and only occasionally warm

Summer clothes are becoming a thing of the past
No wonder our summer clothes just last and last
Because we now wear them so very infrequently 
They are out of date before they are worn out you see

Shops are full of garden stuff on sale 
Who wants to venture outdoors in rain and hail
Outdoor events are becoming a thing of the past
When did you have a barbie last?

Maybe they should invent a world cover
Like Centre Parks but all over
That would create quite a bit of employment
I think I have just given a solution to the government!

by Margmax 2012

simply poems I like to write

Ladies Who Lunch 

Once a month I meet the girls for lunch
We can be at times a rowdy bunch
Well we do have four weeks of chat to get through
Going over old topics and starting ones that are new

If we are not driving the wine will flow
That helps the chatter get louder as I am sure you know
I would like us to Sex in the City girls a few years along the line
Yes just picture Carrie and Co with the ravishes of time 

Our chatter is still about clothes, men, kids, but not sex
Oh yes we still like to look good and yes we know how to text
Our kids now have kids so we have become popular parents again
Well who babysits and is pleased to without any gain

We can discuss topics which are in the news
We may be old but we still have our views
We discuss constantly the subject of diets and food
But if we manage to not gain weight well that’s pretty good

It’s took many years to get to this stage
Well work got in the way of having these days
So if you have not become a Lady who Lunches yet
Don’t fret because it will get nearer with the older you get
by Margmax 2012 

Is James Coming Out to Play 

I heard a little tap on my front door today
I opened it and a small voice said is James coming out to play
I tried to explain James did not live here
But he looked up at me and it did not seem clear

I tried to explain James came to stay
Because his own home was a distance away
So when he visited his Nana he would happily like to play
But that would not be today

The little face looked blankly up at me
I could not seem to make him see
I heard his mummy call to him to come away
So I explained to her James is not here today

by Margmax 2013 

I wrote the following poem relating to the town I was born in and live in for it's facebook page 

My Home Town 

Felling - not the prettiest place on earth but it’s home to me 
Why - because I’m a Felling lass you see
I have lived elsewhere for a short while 
but for home I often did cry

I have visited many countries and enjoyed the experience it’s true
But after a couple of weeks I long for my home it’s just what I do
My partner quotes this saying which sums it up I think it’s class...
“You can take the lass out of Felling but you cannot take the Felling out of the lass ....... true!

by Margmax 2013 

Simply poems about life 

Mind of It's Own 

It’s hot today I have heard folk say
We are not prepared for this kind of day
But by it’s grand to see so many folk out enjoying the sun
In their summer togs designed for holiday fun

How long will it take the water companies to cry
We have had no rain so water is in short supply
Maybe they should keep more stocks here at home
Instead of selling it off to every foreign zone

So get your cars washed and the garden well wet
Pip them to the post - off your mark get set
Time whizzes past at a galloping pase
Summer will have gone so make great haste

Barbeques out even if you are sick of eating burnt food
It’s compulsory when the weather is this good
Take the kids to the beach with a thousand other folk
Trying to find a parking space at a sunny beach is a joke

Holiday is pending you have saved for it all year
To fly to a far flung destination ensuring the sun will be there
Had you known that the sun was capable of staying at home
Then you could have done the same - weather it has a mind of it’s own

by Margmax 2013 

If I Was Rich 

If I was rich what would I do?
Would I live life different ? I think
I would have to
Would I go shopping every day?
in boutique shops in a flamboyant way

Would I stop cooking and eat all 
my meals out?
In swanky restaurants who charge the
earth for meals consisting of nowt
Would I employ someone to do my
‘Cause if it’s their job then they 
cannot shirk

Would I fly around visiting here and
Never in my own bed ‘cause I am always
in the air
Would I move house so my home stands
No neighbours to chat to - well I would 
never be home

Maybe being rich is not all it’s cracked 
up to be
Maybe I like just being “me”
So those 6 little lottery numbers that
are so hard to find
Can go on escaping - I don’t really mind

by Margmax 2014 

Simply poems are just that

Christmas is over I am pleased to say
Back to normal ordinary Monday
Fed up with the repeats of Christmas T.V
The normal ones are more entertaining to me

I have ate so much chocolate I am feeling sick
But when it’s lying around I cannot resist a pick
I have Christmas cheeses not opened and freezer
party food
Not what I normally eat but I will have to suffer
‘cause waste is not good

It will take me awhile to get back into stride
Because all those goodies I just cannot hide
My weekly routine has gone out the door
So now I cannot think what day it is anymore

So Christmas and New Year I am not sorry you
are done
and I know there will be folk who think this Monday
is not any fun
As work beckons to them and their next break seems
long away
But you see I am now retired so I can chose what I
do with my day.

by Margmax 

Simply poems because I simply wanted to write them 


Hello Sunday 
what you going to do today
What shall I do to melt
your hours away
The weather is not sunny so
outside pursuits look glum
Not much to do outside when
there is no sun

Inside it’s warm and there is
no wind or rain
My senses tell me amuse yourself
indoors but chores are a pain
I have whittled away most of the
morning on my laptop it’s true
So it only leaves part of the day 
to look for things to do

As a child I thought Sundays were
boring and not fun at all
How I changed my mind when work
made it’s call
Now in retirement Sunday’s are not
important one day is much as any other
But I do prefer it when most of the population
has their employment to cover

But wait - this Sunday I have an appointment
for lunch
It’s a Christmas date a bit late but we are all
a retiree bunch
So no crackers to pull or Christmas lights 
festooned around
and hopefully not a Christmas dinner on the
menu will be found

So enjoy your Sunday with whatever you do
Be it planned or spontaneous it’s up to you
Because tomorrow is the start of a whole new
seven days
So make your Sunday special in your own little

by Margmax 2015 

Nollaig na mBan Womens (Little Christmas)

This tradition in Ireland has stayed
through time
Although in modern days it’s a bit
more refined
If you have not heard of it let me
enlighten you
Because it’s a tradition that ladies in
other places may like to do

At Christmastime a women’s work is
never done
It is worry and stress no time for
any fun
Men in the past never got involved in these
preparations for Christmas festivities
Woman of old accepted this and let
the men get on with their activities

But in Ireland where large families
gave woman a very hard time
On the 6th day of January all ladies
had a jolly old time
The men folk took over all household
and in the pubs all the women flooded
through forbidden doors

They saved their pennies just for this day
Took over the pubs supping ale and
generally making hay
They drank into the evening chatting and
singing not interrupted by texts or phone calls
So any dilemmas at home to the men did befall

So ladies why not become Irish for this day
Leave all your chores and party the 6th away
Let your menfolk deal with any fall out
Just tell them it’s Nollaig na mBan and that’s
what today’s all about

by Margmax 2016