Verses & Poems by Margmax

Husband Birthday Poems and verses are designed for greeting cards and gift tags. They will enable you to make your message special and unique for that important person in your life. Don't forget these verses can be adapted for other occasions e.g. anniversaries.

If I could afford it I would buy you a porsche
and take you the most expensive restaurant of course
But because you married poor little me
You will have to be content with this you see
Happy Birthday my love 

by Margmax

Husband Birthday Poems 

My lovely sexy handsome bloke
Believe me this is no joke
From the day I set eyes on you
I said to myself - he will do 
So on this day I would like to say
My lovely bloke have a great birthday

by Margmax 2010

I know I do not tell you all the time
How glad I am that you are mine
So I hope today you will see
How very much you mean to me

by Margmax 2010

My handsome, sexy desperate Dan
You are a truly wonderful man
A perfect wonderful husband and dad
That makes our life happy even when we are sad
Today gives us a chance to say
We love you loads - have a wonderful Birthday

by Margmax 2010

My darling love on this, your special day
I search for words to tell you in a special way
No one else has made me feel like this before
I love you so much I could not love you more

by Margmax 2009

Husband mine I love you so
As the years go by my love just continues to grow
I pray that it will never change and will always be
Because I have no doubt you will do for me

by Margmax 2011 

Husband Birthday poems for the man in your life

Hey Big Boy want to play today
It's your birthday so we will spend it your way
So get yourself ready let us make the most of our time
You will have a birthday to remember as I will make it shine

by Margmax 2011 

Birthdays come birthdays go you have one every year
But this birthday is special as it is a one that we can share
So my darling man get on your best bib and tucker
Because this birthday will be special like no other

by Margmax 2011

Have a Drink 

Pop the cork get the glasses out
The wine is chilled what’s it all about
The take away is ordered it’s on the way
All for you on your special day

Birthday drinks and birthday food
Candles lit to set the mood
A toast to you darling hubby of mine
For a birthday that’s as good as the wine

by Margmax 2013 

Today Is Your Day 

Today is your day yes it's all about you
I will wait upon you just as I always do
You can spend the day doing what you do best 
Well it is your birthday so you deserve a rest

Make sure the TV is on the sport channel
It's your birthday so no need for any flannel
Birthday drinks and goodies all laid out
Have I forgotten anything? well no doubt you will shout

I know you will have your kind of day
So I will just leave you to it - enjoy your birthday

by Margmax 2013 

Birthday love and birthday kisses
Sent to you from your darling Missus 
Hope your day is as wonderful as you 
Because nothing less will simply do

Happy birthday my lovely husband 

by Margmax 2013 

Happy birthday to you my dear
Yes birthday time is once again here
So let’s have a splurge and forget
the diet today
We will just do whatever we fancy in a
frivolous way

Margmax 2014