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Forget Me Not Poems and verses which are free to help you express your feelings when you have to part from a friend, colleague, teacher, pupil or family when moving away. Sometimes it is difficult to express sentiments so why not choose your verse and write it in a gift card so that the recipient can keep it and take it out often.

Forget Me Not is a delicate flower
But in those three words it holds power
The power to say - don’t let me go
Keep me in your heart where love can grow
by Margmax 2012 

Forget me not poems 

The time has come for us to part 
But forget me not keep me in your heart
As your life follows it’s twists and turns
Keep me there as life’s lessons you learn

Take me out now and then 
And think of me once and again
But move on because that’s what we do
And I will always remember you

by Margmax 2011 

This time that we have spent together
I will think of fondly and forget never
So please say you will forget me not
And think of the benefits which we both got 

by Margmax 2011 

When you see the tiny flower of the forget me not
Give a thought to me just a little not a lot
When the flower starts to bloom
Take a moment of happiness but never gloom

by Margmax 2011 

forget me not poems for someone you will always remember

Through our life people come and go
God planned it this way he meant it so
Some stay briefly some stay for awhile
And some stay a lifetime with us every mile

I have heard it said people are sent when we are in need
I like this concept and have always took heed
That when someone leaves my side
It was time for them to take another ride 

But I never forget them they are always in my heart
I know the time they were with me they played their part
So I say in a whisper that I hope their heart hears
Forget me not my friend, think of me kindly without tears

by Margmax 2011 

Forget me not Poems can be used for many events 

In our life people come and people go
It can be sad but it's just life you know
I am so glad that you have stayed 
Because in my heart you will never go away

by Margmax 2012 

forget me not poems because you will never forget them

Forget me not even though I am not at your side
I am still with you I am here for the long ride
People come into our lives and do not always stay
But I am always just a phone call away

Just give a ring if you need to hear my voice
Or send an email or letter it's your choice
I will never forget the time we have spent together
Those memories will be in my mind forever

So although you may be many miles in distance from me
I am always here for you just call and see
And in the future who knows what life has in store 
If it's meant to be we could be together once more

by Margmax 2012 

The following is suitable for a funeral or memorial anniversary poem for more such poems see funeral or memorial anniversary 

Forget me not when I am gone
Remember me but let life go on 
Life is a circle that we all must do
It ends for us all it has to

Remember me with laughter and love 
Be sure I will look down from above
I will be there with you when life is tough
I would not dessert you when things are rough

So forget me not because I love you so
But be sure that I will never let you go
I will be here forever just look and you will find
I am everywhere in your heart and in your mind

by Margmax 2012 

Forget me not but it's time to part
The love we shared has lost it's heart
I will remember all the times when we had such fun
and forget the ones that lead to our love being done

The memories we share are ours to keep
To take out and look at when life gets steep
I wish you well you were my (first/dearest) love it's true
So forget me not no matter where life leads you 

by Margmax 2013 

When we come to a point in our life when we know it will soon end we start to think about alternatives. Many people believe we are born many times until such time as we have experienced every lesson in life and then we stay in heaven. We will never know for sure until our time comes but many people have had such experiences that point to life after death - hence the following poem 

Forget me not when I am gone
Think of me often but with life - get on
For I will have a new life when I have rested awhile
I will be born again after I die

We will meet again I know not where
But I know another life we will share
You may not see me but I will be by your side
Because a love like ours survives the tide

by Margmax 2012 

Forget me not poems always remember

The following was written for Alzheimer's month and I have written it from the eyes of the sufferer

The Me You Knew 
The me you knew now is no more
My body still here but my mind has
closed the door
You look at me and what do you see?
Your (father) who is no longer me

But please remember me as I used to be
It will not alway be easy but please try and see
Because now and then you will see a moment of
When I am back with you but it’s only for a 
short while and I am so sorry

I really do not want to be this way
I want to do the things I did every day
I want to tell you how important you are to me
I feel so frustrated but I think you can see

I wanted to do so much more 
I was not finished yet with life I had not closed
the door
I wanted to see my grandchildren age a bit
Let them from my wisdom benefit 

But this person who resembles me 
Has been taken quite cruelly
and left behind a cardboard image of me
a bumbling, stumbling replica that you see

I want you to remember me as the person
I was
This is important to me and to you because
Robbed of my senses I may be 
But just remember please the old me

by Margmax 2015

Let them know they are not forgotten with Forget me not poems