Verses & Poems by Margmax

Kids Funny Poems written for children or adults looking at life through the eyes of a child. Why not have a look? I am sure you will recognise aspects of situations which you can relate to.

Can you remember when you were a kid?
I know it’s a long time ago but take a look, lift your lid
I bet you felt the same as I do 
Look at the poems below, go on take a minute to view
Maybe you will have a bit more patience now that you can see
Because I have asked (Gran) if you were a kid like me

by Margmax 2012 

Kids funny poems

Being a Kid 

It’ s not an easy job to be a kid
You have to follow rules and do what your parents bid
And if they consider you have misbehaved 
There is always a penalty that must be paid

So when you have kids that belong to you
Remember the things which you used to do
And when your kids do the same things as they surely will
Just stay calm, don’t shout, just chill

by Margmax 2011 

kids funny poems to make you smile

Going to School 

Why do you have to go to school?
Mom says it’s to learn to read and write but I am no fool
I could read and write by I was six years old
So continuing school just leaves me cold

My mom says it’s the government who make the rules
And we all have to follow them or the world would be full of fools
I think it is so moms get rid of us for the day
So they can do what they like be it work or play

I have heard my mom speaking to her friend on the phone
Saying she cannot meet her because it’s vacation and I would be on my own
I have told her being on my own would not bother me
But mom just throws up her hands and says “when you are grown up you will see”

So I am waiting to see what grown up will show
Although she won’t tell me how much more I have to grow
But when I do I will let you know why school lasts so long
I am ten now so it may take a while but I think the government has it wrong

by Margmax 2011 

kids funny poems through the eyes of children

The following two kids funny poems I wrote from the memory of my sister being forced to take me with her 

My Little Brother

I have to take him everywhere 
Mom makes me do it she does not care
He is too little to play our games
And my friends all call me names

But no matter how much I plead
Mom ignores me and just says I need
To look after my brother as he is smaller than me
But he trails after me and I yearn to be free

Mom says I will need my brother one day
So I should be nice to him and let him play
So with this thought in mind I have devised a game
I take him around in a pram and pretend he is lame

by Margmax 2011 

My Big Brother

Mom makes him take me out to play
Even when I don’t want to go I have no say
His friends call him names like “nanny” he gets real mad
So takes his anger out on me it’s quite sad

He gets into trouble often from mom and dad
For not watching out for me they think he is bad
But one day I will catch up to him just wait and see
Then he will be glad to have a brother like me

by Margmax 2011 


I love birthdays don’t you?
Birthdays mean gifts, new toys, outings just to name a few
Every year I make a list of things I would like
I don’t get them all but one year I just might

And every year mom says the same thing
Money is tight we shall see what your birthday will bring
So far she has managed to do quite alright
So I will continue my lists every pre birthday night

by Margmax 2011 


My favourite foods are McDonalds and KFC
But mom says they are to be limited as they are not good for me
I really do not know what she means by this
As her meals cannot be described as bliss

Her meals are full of yuki vegetables and brown rice
Now I ask you do you consider that to be nice
Crispy fried chicken or burger and fries
A much better choice no-one could deny

But she forces me to eat her creations
Sitting at the table cementing family relations
So to keep her happy I comply with her wishes
But escape for a burger when she is doing the dishes

by Margmax 2011 

kids funny poems because they look at things different 


When you are a kid you have to do what your parents say
Who made them so perfect? who says they are always right by the way?
Mom wakes me in a morning "Time to get up" she will shout
Then when I am not tired she sends me to bed I ask you what's that all about

If I am not hungry and leave some of my meal 
I am not allowed any chocolate - I think that is a rum deal
Watching a bit TV that's an OK thing you would think
But not to my mom homework rules everything and the TV is switched off before you can blink

Just wait until I am married and have children of my own
I will not do these things I will leave my kids alone
They can go to bed when they want and get up anytime
and if they want to watch TV all day well that will be fine

Mealtimes will not exist they can eat any kind of stuff 
Homework will be banned as a day at school is learning enough 
So I think I will have happy kids who will be happy with me
and I consider I will make a perfect family

by Margmax 2012 

kids funny poems I see the logic

My 5 year old grandson required a friendship poem for anti bullying week so I wrote the following:-

Since I started school I have made lots of new friends
and I enjoy being with them until the day ends
Most of the time we all get on very good
and it’s all very nice when we play as we should

But once in a while we may fall out
because someone is naughty and hits or shouts
This is not a nice thing to do
and it is really not nice if it’s happening to you

I know that if this happens to me
My teacher is the one I go to see
Because she will know how to put things right
So all the children are happy and do not fight

by Margmax 2012 

Everyday is someone’s birthday -
and today it is your turn
So let’s sing Happy Birthday as
we watch the candles burn
Then as tradition you should have
some birthday bumps
Tradition has to be met even if you
get a few lumps

Someone will stuff themselves until
they are feeling sick
They may need a little help so who
can we pick?
You better hide your presents in 
case they get broke
It often happens at parties believe me
it’s no joke

Maybe you should just invite me
‘Cause then all the birthday goodies 
we could share between us you see
No-one else to win all those game 
prizes but us
I think it’s a great idea and would save
a lot of fuss

So put this suggestion to your mam and dad 
I bet they will think it is a good idea and will
be rather glad
Indeed if they save money by not creating a 
bit of a do
It will probably mean a bigger present from them to you

by Margmax 2015 

kids funny poems are a tongue in the cheek greeting