Verses & Poems by Margmax

Fairy Poem (s) and verses are ideal for little girls and big girls to spread a bit of magic. Use in a greeting or gift card or any other occasion. These poems are fun and amusing and are free for non commercial use. If you or your recipient like fairies than I am sure you will like these poems and verses. 

Fairies are the favourite of every little girl
Even if you don’t believe you will still give them a whirl
What little girl has never wore fairy wings
and waved a fairy wand to magic up things
So fairies are magic whatever you may say
Because somewhere a little girl will dress up as one every single day
by Margmax 2012 

Do you believe in fairies? I really think you should
They are said to be in gardens and sometimes in the woods
I have never managed to see them but they could still be there
Sending out their magic because they really care

So I put little lights in my garden so they can see their way
Because darkness is their playtime not throughout the day
So if you think there could be fairies I am sure you will find
It only takes a little effort to make your garden fairy kind

by Margmax 2011 

When I think of fairies I think of Tinkerbell
In Peter Pan she tinkled whilst casting out her spell
Peter always knew when she was on her way
He would hear her little bell tinkling as she swayed

by Margmax 2011 

fairy poems for folk who believe 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a fairy of your own
Or even one to share maybe booked out on loan
But I am sure fairies have their list of jobs to do
So maybe they are too busy to pander to me and you

I think that their tasks include the care of flowers and plants
And maybe wild animals and insects like little ants
So that will keep them busy because the world is full of wild things
So the fairies have a lot to do to help with what nature brings

by Margmax 2011 

fairy poems for sparkly people

A favourite choice of play by little girls is wearing fairy wings 
A choice which remains dressing up for hen parties and such things
Is it because fairies have magic powers that they choose this dress
Or simply because it’s pretty and girls of any age don’t want to look a mess

If you did a survey I am sure the result would be
Most girls have dressed as a fairy just like you and me
Cinderella would still be toiling if her fairy had not arrived
And the prince would still be searching for his beautiful bride

So now I am sure you will agree fairies are an important race
Just consider for a moment all the tasks they have to face
So when you hear fairy stories please accept them with good grace
Do not put yourself in a position when they may look at you in disgrace

by Margmax 2011 

Fairies have magic wands and magic fairy dust
They really need these tools to do all the things they must
Like looking after god’s creatures and whatever nature brings
The list of their jobs is endless there are so many things

So please be kind to your fairies leave them little treats
I know you cannot see them and you will never meet
Remember we cannot see everything it does not mean they are not there
So have a little faith and charity to show how much you care

by Margmax 2011 

fairy poems shh and you may hear one 

If you are Quiet 

If you are very quiet and listen really well
You may hear the tinkle of a fairy bell
You may think it’s your imagination or 
the wind blowing through the trees
But it all depends in what you do believe

As the sun sets be sure to be alert
See if you can see a fairy light within the
flowers in the dirt
You may think it’s the moon or a shinning star
But it all depends how brave the fairies are

So when you are walking amongst the 
flowers in the setting sun
Remember to look for the fairies and remember
not to run
It you are lucky and meet a fairy in your life
You really will believe so keep checking every night

by Margmax 2013