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Animal poems for children are ideal for both educational and amusing value. Each poem has a lesson within showing the child this lesson in an easy amusing way. They are suitable for teachers to use or for any parent or if your child is starting to use computers this is a safe site for children to use unsupervised and I am sure they will enjoy this way of learning.

Maisie the cow 

There once was a cow called Maisie
Who lived in a field full of daisies
Maisie spent her days wandering the field her life was very lonely
I wish I had a friend to share my field she would sigh "Oh if only"

Now cows have no mirrors so how she looked Maisie had no idea
But as she was all alone her appearance she did not fear
Then one day Maisie spied a shape in the distance chewing hay
Hello said Maisie company at last someone with whom I can play 
Maisie made her way towards the shape so she could say hello
But every time Maisie got nearer the shape started to go

I only want to be friends shouted Maisie please stop and talk to me
The shape stopped Maisie got nearer and she could see
The shape had four legs, a tail, two ears and was covered in hair
Oh good thought Maisie another cow what fun we can now share

Hello said Maisie welcome I have waited for so long for a mate
Hello said the shape we can share this field but a cow for a friend I would hate
But you are a cow you have four legs, a tail, two ears and are covered in hair
I have four legs, a tail, two ears and I am covered in hair but I am not a cow - I am a MARE 

Lesson to learn - we are not all the same and sometimes we do not like what we wish for 

by Margmax 2011 

Animal Poems for Children is one of my favourite pages and I hope it is also one of your favourites


animal poems for children - exciting or what?

Sam the Goldfish 

Sam was an inquisitive goldfish
Who was very bored swimming around in his dish
As he watched the dog and cat he wished he could join them in play
But all he could do was watch as he swam around his dish all day

A plastic arch was his only toy
At first that was exciting but it soon lost it's joy
What was life like outside his dish
He would wonder and often wish

One day he found the water in his dish was quite high
Now a salmon can jump almost as though he can fly
Sam thought a salmon is a fish just like me
So I could jump and get out of this dish to see

What the world is all about
So Sam jumped and gave a big shout
"I have made it" cried Sam as he landed on the floor
And just then the cat came through the door

Now as we know fish need to be in water to breathe so soon Sam was gasping for air
As the cat plodded over and began to stare
Sam closed his eyes and said "Oh how silly I was to leave my dish"
As the cat got nearer Sam made a wish

All of a sudden Sam could breathe he opened his eyes and there he was
Back in his dish swimming around because
The lady of the house has seen Sam's plight
She had scooped Sam up in quick flight
You silly fish he heard her say
Don't worry thought Sam from now on in my dish I will stay

Lesson to learn - Envy can be dangerous

by Margmax 2011

animal poems for children 

Animal poems for children and for grown ups too
Scamp the dog 

Scamp the dog was treat like a King 
He had everything he needed and more brought to him
He ate his food at the table with his mistress
Who never minded if Scamp made a bit of a mess

He slept on a pillow on the mistress's bed
And only got up when it was time to be fed
Oh yes Scamp had a wonderful life
Living in luxury without any strife

One day Scamp woke up waiting to be fed
No matter how he barked his mistress remained in her bed
Scamp licked her face but she did not budge
Something was wrong - but he continued to nudge

The day went by and it was getting dark
Scamp was hungry this game was no lark
His ears pricked up as he heard the doorbell go
He ran to the door barking and running to and fro

Suddenly a key was inserted and the door opened wide
Scamp licked the visitor whom he tried to guide
Up the stairs to where his mistress lay
Suddenly lots of activity and his mistress was taken away

A man picked Scamp up and drove him to a strange place
Scamp was very frightened as he looked at the man's face
The man then put Scamp into a big bare room
And as Sam looked around he saw in the gloom

He was not alone other dogs were there
Now Scamp was shaking he had never had to share
The other dogs started to sniff and nudge him
Oh trembled Scamp this is very grim

Scamp found a corner and eventually fell asleep
Next morning he awoke and from his corner he peeped
But no one took any notice of him
He looked around as a human came in

All of a sudden there was a mad rush
All the dogs fought, yapped and pushed
The human had brought their breakfast in
Scamp was very hungry so he looked in the tins

All the tins were licked clean and bare
Scamp went back to his corner now nobody cared
You must be quick off the mark he heard a voice say
Otherwise you will go hungry all day

Next time the food arrives in those tins
Stick close to me and I will show you the way in
True to his word his new friend did as he said
So later that day Scamp at last got fed

Scamp's life had changed he got used to the routine
Life was a lot harder but no-one was mean
One day he heard a familiar voice calling his name
And there was his mistress she was taking him home again

Lesson to learn - life can change so don't get complacent 

by Margmax 2011

animal poems for children get your mammy to read to you

Charlie the Cat 

Charlie was a big black cat
He liked to eat so he was quite fat
He lazed around sleeping most of the day
Occasionally he may go out to play

When he went out he had his own door
He would go in and out pushing it with his paw
This was a good life Charlie often said
Lazing around, sleeping and getting fed

Charlie was getting fatter every day
So sometimes he didn't bother going out to play
Getting through his door was a bit of a squeeze
But Charlie thought he could still get through with ease

Until the day when going out Charlie's tummy stuck tight
Charlie couldn't get in or out so was stuck there all night
To set Charlie free required the use of tools
Charlie did feel a bit of a fool

He ignored the fact he was getting fat
He really was a very silly cat
Now Charlie doesn't eat and sleep all day
He runs around getting exercise whilst he plays
So once more he goes in and out his door
Remembering not to be lazy anymore

Lesson to learn - Do not be lazy or greedy as it has repercussions 

by Margmax 2011

animal poems for children show your teacher these please do 


animal poems for children do you like pigs?

Bessie the Pig

Bessie the pig lived in a sty full of mud
It was hard to stay clean and look very good
The other pigs did not seem to mind 
As long as they were given plenty food of any kind

Bessie looked at the fields where the cows spent their days
Thinking how nice it would be in those fields with the cows eating hay
But the only time she left her muddy sty each day
Was when the farmer changed the bedding which is straw by the way

Until the day when the farmer was called away
Leaving them in the farmyard as he was changing their bedding that day
Bessie looked across to that lush green field 
Off she trotted using the bushes as a shield

“What are you doing in our field” said Maisie the cow
“Shush” said Bessie “I want to live here now”
“Pigs live in sty’s not fields” Maisie said with a moo
Bessie snorted “Well this pig is sick of the mud and the poo” 

The farmer did not notice that Bessie was missing from the sty
So she remained in the field all day until sunset and night was nye 
“Where is your sty where you go to sleep” Bessie said to a cow
The cow laughed mooing “you sleep where you are here and now”

As the night drew on Bessie shivered as pigs have no fur to keep them warm
Oh how she wished for her sty with fresh straw keeping her from harm
She tried to snuggle up to the cows to get some heat
“You smell” said the cows moving away to find another seat

So Bessie shivered all night long and was so happy to see dawn
When the farmer came to milk the cows Bessie was there looking forlorn 
“What are you doing in the cow’s field?“ said Farmer Bill 
Bessie trotted towards her sty eyeing the morning’s breakfast swill 

“Where have you been” said her mate Bert as she ran to the food
Bessie looked at Bert replying“In the field but it was cold and really not good”
“Fields are not for us” said Bert “we need the warmth of the sty”
“I know that now” sniffed Bessie “here I will stay until I die”

Lesson to learn: Be content with what you are

by Margmax 2011 

animal poems for children learn you lessons too animal poems for children are interesting 


Jimmy the Monkey

Jimmy was a monkey who lived in a zoo
His home was a large cage where other monkeys lived to
Now living in captivity can be very boring 
A lot of the time he found himself snoring

The keeper brought his food every single day
The keeper cleaned his cage in a methodical way
Yes people visited and watched the monkeys play
But Jimmy got tired of this and often in his bed he would stay

So to amuse himself and to have a bit of fun
Jimmy started to tease the other monkeys as they lay in the sun
He would hide things and nip them and then run away 
The monkeys got annoyed and angrier day by day

This really has to stop cried Mr Baloo
Yes said his wife I am quite black and blue
It hurts said baby baloo I have cried but he just laughs
Really said his father - well we will see about that

So the next day when Jimmy was trying to do his tricks
All the monkeys were staying together he could not even get in a kick
I will get in a nip or a kick when the keeper brings in the food
Because when they are all busy eating he usually could

So he waited until the keeper came and the food was dished out
But all the monkeys ate together he thought what’s this all about
When he tried to join them they moved to another spot
Jimmy got cross and shouted “What’s up with you lot?”

“We are tired of your antics you are a little bully” said Mr Baloo
“Yes” joined in Mrs Baloo “you have made baby black and blue”
Jimmy was quite shocked to be called a bully was not nice
“I did not realize” he quietly said “but today I have paid the price”

“I was bored” Jimmy said “there is nothing here to do”
“My antics were fun and not meant to hurt you”
“You cannot have fun at the price of hurting others” scolded Mr Baloo
“and if you continue such antics we will having nothing to do with you”

“I am sorry” cried Jimmy “please do not exclude me”
“I will mend my ways just wait and you will see”
“I will find other things to help me fill my day”
Mr Baloo replied “why don’t you join the other monkeys in play”

So now Jimmy has a new routine each day
He makes up games that all of them can play
And no-one calls him a bully anymore
Indeed he is becoming someone they all adore

by Margmax 2012 

Lesson to learn - think about your actions - could you be a bully? 

animal poems for children animal poems for children animal poems for children so good I have said it 3 times


Nellie the elephant lived in a circus with her family
As she was born in the circus she was content and happy
Now you know that most elephants live in the jungle or a zoo
But about this Nellie did not have a clue

The circus travelled from town to town
and Nellie was used to parading around
Her keeper dressed her in bright clothes
and Nellie followed her family linking tails and nose

One day as Nellie paraded through the streets
She noticed a picture book down at her feet
On the front of the book was an elephant just like her
So Nellie scooped up the book with her trunk for later

When the parade returned to their camp
Nellie looked at the book beside a big lamp
In the book elephants were in a place full of trees
Nellie was puzzled at the elephants eating leaves

So Nellie went to her mother and showed her the book
"Look these elephants are in trees, eating leaves take a look"
"Yes" said Nellie's mother "that's where I came from"
"This is our natural home it's where we belong"

Nellie said "then why are we at the circus and not in those trees"
Her mother replied "Because I was captured and sold here for a big fee"
"We should go home then" said Nellie "it's where we belong"
Her mother smiled saying "No Nellie this is our home now to move would be wrong"

"All our family and friends live here at the circus you see
We work for our keep and we are looked after nicely
In the jungle there is danger and nothing to do
I think home is best - don't you?

by Margmax 2012

Lesson to learn - Work for your rewards.

Animal poems for children animal poems for children animal poems for children and repeated it too

Santa’s Reindeers

Santa has nine reindeers who pull his sleigh through the sky
But boys and girls have you ever wondered - why?
Why he had nine because one does not have a mate
However many years ago it was known Santa had only eight

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen 
Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen
Yes these are the names of Santa’s original eight
So how about Rudolph indeed what was his fate?

Because of his glowing nose Rudolph was an outcast
All of the other reindeers shunned him and just walked past
But then one very foggy Christmas eve Santa did not know what to do
How could he get around all the boys and girls the fog was just like glue

As he delivered presents to Rudolph’s bedroom
In the dark he noticed Rudolph’s nose shone through the gloom
Santa said “dear Rudolph will you light my way?
Your nose will help the other reindeers to drive my sleigh”.

Rudolph became a hero no longer shunned and ignored
His glowing nose was famous and he was given loud applause
So that was how Santa’s eight reindeers became nine
and why it is that Rudolph with his glowing nose is the leader of the line.

by Margmax 2012 

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