Verses & Poems by Margmax

Sister Birthday Poems verses are ideal to let your sibling know how important they are in your life by saying it in an original way in your greeting cards and gift tags. These are all free for non commercial use.

It’s so good to have a sister around
We may have disagreements but I have always found
The ties of blood are strong we get there in the end
Because you are not just my sister you are my best friend 
by Margmax 2012 

I am so glad I have a sister and that sister is you
Your my sister and my friend and stand by me whatever I do
I love you my sister you are my best friend
So today on your birthday I am so pleased to send
This card full of wishes for a wonderful day
To a wonderful sister on her birthday

by Margmax 

sister birthday poems verses special words for a sibling 

This day is very special because it's the day you came along
My lovely baby sister who I waited for so long
As we grew we squabbled as all children do
But that never changed the love I felt for you

I hope it never changes the relationship we have
Because if that happened I would be very sad
So my darling sister lots of love winging your way
Enjoy your celebrations and a very happy birthday

by Margmax 

Lets have a shopping day hit the credit cards big time
Have a spot of lunch with a bottle of wine
When we have had enough of our spending spree
Lets finish at the pub for one or two or even three

Do you like this a plan to celebrate your birthday
Or do you have a better one if you have just say
Whatever we do is fine because I am doing it with you
My wonderful sister I love you loads I really do

by Margmax 

sister birthday poems verses written for your sister because sisters are special

Friends come and friends go family are there forever
But as my sister and my friend we will be parted never
We shared our toys when we were young somethings never change
Now it's clothes and makeup - it's just a different range
I love you darling sis you are my best friend
So today on your birthday I wish you a day of joy that never ends

by Margmax 

Darling sis I love you loads I am your No 1 fan
For you today I will try and make it the best that I can
If I could of chosen I would not change the sister that is you
Because you are a wonderful girl who does wonderful things to

by Margmax 

You are my big sister in who's steps I trod
You are an amazing person so I am happy to continue to plod
Copying the things you do because I know they are right
And if I ever have a doubt then it is only slight

To have a big sister as wonderful as you is not always easy but then I take a view
It gives me a benchmark a path in life to follow - so I just follow through
Today on your birthday it gives me the chance to let you see
How very very precious my big sister is to me

by Margmax 

If I could choose a sister would I choose you
Or would I choose someone else's 'cause I know quite a few
I have had a look around and pondered on this query
But better the one you were given because I am sure God has a theory

So today my chosen sister I am very happy to say
God was right when he decided to send you on this day

by Margmax 2011

sister birthday poems/verses because sisters are there for life

Friends you can choose but your family you inherit
I have inherited you but your friendship is a merit
To share things with a sister like you is always a pleasure
And all of the years we have shared I will always treasure
So today on your birthday once again I want to say
My darling sister have a wonderful birthday

by Margmax 2012 

Sister dear today is the day
When you can do things your way
Happy Birthday I hope you have a blast
Enjoy your day for as long as it lasts

by Margmax 2012 

Within this card you will find
magic things of every single kind
A wave of fairy wand and a sprinkling of stardust
As it's my sister's birthday a magic day is a must

by Margmax 2012 

sister birthday poems verses sisters count so make her birthday special