Verses & Poems by Margmax

Across the Miles poems and verses are designed to send family and friends original greetings for birthdays and anniversaries. These are ideal for greeting cards and will let your loved ones know how much they are missed. Free for non commercial use. 

I am stretching my hand across the sea
To remind you I am here for you as you are for me
Miles cannot part the love in a heart
Even though I am sad we are apart
by Margmax 2012 

Although you may be far away the ties are always there
Because there is a bond that we will always share
So on this day every year in my mind I celebrate with you
I think about you constantly and the things that you may do

My (friend/sister etc) I miss you so very much 
But miles cannot part us we will always be in touch
So on this occasion which you celebrate today
I wish you love and happiness for a wonderful birthday (day)(anniversary day) etc.

by Margmax 2011 

On the day that you left for pastures very new
I was so very sad to think of a life without you
The miles that are now between us stop us from meeting every day
But they cannot stop our memories they will never fade away

On this day, your birthday, be sure of what I will do
I will toast you Happy Birthday, remember I always used to
I miss you very much you were my best friend
But miles cannot stop a friendship like ours it will never end

by Margmax 2011 

You rocked our family foundations when you left for pastures new
We were all so very sad to think of a life that did not include you
We knew that you had planned a better life with prospects that were bright
And through your hard work and determination it seems to be alright

So Happy Anniversary unfortunately we cannot join you in a glass
But I am sure you know we are thinking of you, how quickly (a/2/3 etc) year(s) has passed
I hope you have the opportunity to celebrate in style
It seems like only yesterday you were walking down the aisle

By Margmax 2011 

Birthdays come, birthdays go very very quick 
Trying not to forget them seems to be the trick 
I have to remember earlier since you moved away
As the post now takes longer to reach you then a single day

So here it is on time I really do hope it is
Because doing the calculations has me in a tiz 
So if it arrives late I hope you had a lovely day
and if it is on time or early well I planned it all the way

By Margmax 2011 

Across the Miles I know you are
but in my heart you are never far
I only have to close my eyes to see 
and Across the Miles I have travelled to thee

by Margmax 2013 

Hey how you doing? I miss you I really do
I think about you often and all the things we got up to
I hope you have found what you were looking for and a better life
But if you are not happy hey come back home it will be alright

By Margmax 2011 

There is a void in our life now that you are not near
But modern technology has made it easier it takes away the fear
We switch on the webcam and call you up when we feel the need
It makes it easier to see you smiling at us and with technology we have been able to succeed 

A better life was what you wanted and it is very clear
You are doing very well and we should have no fear
So on this special day although this card conveys our love to you
We will use the webcam to express in words our wishes for a wonderful time to 

By Margmax 2011 

Across the miles I reach out for you

I miss you so I think you know
I was so sad when you left but it was right for you to go
So on this occasion of your birthday/anniversary etc I would not miss the chance to say
Happy Birthday/anniversary etc. my friend/sister etc have a wonderful day 

by Margmax 2011 

When you left you took part of me
I think you knew I think you could see
Life I felt would change considerably
No longer would there be outings with you and me

Time has a way of healing it's true
But although I have coped I still miss you
And every year when your birthday/anniversary day arrives
I raise a glass to toast you and the fact we have survived

by Margmax 2012 

Across the miles gone but never forgotten

If I could stretch my hand far enough to touch you
You could be sure that when you need me you could stretch your hand out too
We may not be able to be together as we used to be
But you are still so dear to me and I hope this you can see

So when you are feeling low and you need me close by
Just pick up the phone/computer and together we can cry
Miles cannot part the friendship which we share
Just know and remember you have a friend who does care

by Margmax 2013 

Distance is not a barrier when you have folk who love and care
You know when you need them they will always be there
So although you are moving many miles from home
Please remember in your heart you will never be alone

I will think about you often and I hope you do the same
Life is often very difficult indeed never an easy game
I hope your new home brings you happiness and more
I will really miss you but one day I will be at your door

by Margmax 2013 

When someone moves away especially Across the Miles of land and/of sea it's so difficult even when technology is so fantastic hence the following poem

Far Away 

Although you may be far away you are always in my heart
I cry each day I think about the time we had to part
My life now has a void that always will be there
It’s hard to lose a person for whom you really care

Communications with advanced technology are a wonderful invention
But small compensation for you being close however well the intention
I wish you well, I really do, I hope you are happy in your new life
With time it will get better, it really will and I am saving for my air flight

by Margmax 2013